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Spring is here with Telescope Casual Furniture

Spring is here! With the sudden arrival of beautiful weather, it’s hard not to daydream about weekends outside with family and friends. If you are in the market to update your current patio furniture or begin a new set—you’re in … Continue reading

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Painting a Room

One of the most high impact improvements you can make to your home or apartment is interior paint. There are few home improvement projects that can improve the resale value of a property as dramatically for such a relatively small … Continue reading

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Attack Fleas from Every Angle

We love our pets and most people try to treat them as a member of the family. That can be hard to do when they are responsible for an infestation of fleas. Fleas can be a challenging household problem to … Continue reading

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Mulch: Ugly Name, Beautiful Results

It is always important to remember that your lawn or garden is an ecosystem. It is an exciting mix of growing plants and decaying remains, inert minerals, and a broad spectrum of living organisms – all contributing to the health … Continue reading

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Mosquito Season is Here!

The return of warmer temperatures combined with abundant rainfall signifies the return of mosquito season. This enduring pest is both irritating and sometimes dangerous for your health. Worldwide, mosquitoes are very dangerous to human health, with millions of malaria victims … Continue reading

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