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Spring Cleaning with Bering’s Hardware!

Some Of Our Most Asked For Household Cleaners Spring has sprung!  The weather is lovely, the birds are serenading and flowers abound! Let’s not forget that additional spring hallmark – spring cleaning! Yes, we’ve been bitten by the cleaning bug … Continue reading

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Attack Fleas from Every Angle

We love our pets and most people try to treat them as a member of the family. That can be hard to do when they are responsible for an infestation of fleas. Fleas can be a challenging household problem to … Continue reading

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Clothing Moths

Tineola bisselliella, the common clothing moth. They like dark closets, attics or other areas and tend to live in corners or in folds of fabric. They will fly occasionally, but normally only on the edges of a lighted area; they are usually … Continue reading

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