Fine China – What’s Right for You? Part Two!

Last time we left off talking about the use of china as individual decorative pieces. Today we’ll continue that train of thought as we consider displaying sets year-round to highlight your home’s décor.

Displaying China Sets and Partial Sets

If you are thinking about displaying your china instead of dining on it you might opt for a more scenic/natural type of pattern, especially if decorating is going to be your primary use for the plates. The image below features Gien’s Sologne plates being used as decorations in a little boy’s nursery. …Talk about plates with character!

Gien Solange displayed

Wall mounting these Gien Sologne plates prevents having the prettiest closed drawers in your neighborhood.

Royal Crown Derby Red AvesHere is another beautiful example of decorating with plates. Royal Crown Derby’s Red Aves are simply amazing. You can see the Royal Crown Derby Red Aves plates perfectly placed on an antique plate rack, creating a lovely sideboard. When you own china this pretty, it would be a shame to hide it most of the year.




Take a Long Term Point of View

Chinese Bouquet Orange Rust by Herend with Anna Weatherley Solid Orange Charger

Chinese Bouquet Orange Rust by Herend with Anna Weatherley Solid Orange Charger

One final consideration in your fine china quest is to think of the long run when deciding if fine china is really important to you. Long term consideration should also prove extremely important in selecting a pattern that will continue to inspire through the years. While all fine china should be a thing of beauty, some choices might be bolder than you will care for later in life. Just be sure to select a pattern that is not date stamped. It is an investment, so think classic design! Young couples who don’t consider fine china important while registering for wedding gifts often have a different opinion years later. Nothing says “poised hostess” like a beautiful tablescape. It is a sure way to flex your style in the most “tasteful” way!

Here are a couple of timeless fine china patterns. The first is Herend’s Rothschild Bird placed nicely atop an Anna Weatherley brown charger. The second pattern is another Herend beauty; it’s Chinese Bouquet Orange, again accented with an Anna Weatherley orange charger. …So warm and rich!

Rothschild Bird by Herend with Anna Weatherley New Charger Chocolate

Rothschild Bird by Herend with Anna Weatherley New Charger Chocolate

If all these considerations are a bit much to consider all at once, it’s okay! Just remember three basic principles:

A. Mix it up. Match new with older pieces you already have.
B. Consider using your china as household decorations as well as something to serve from.
C. Choose something that you will be happy with for many years to come.
In the end, your fine china should be right for you and your lifestyle. Happy fine china shopping!

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  1. I love displaying fine china and everyday where all over my walls, end tables and even the bathroom! Blue Italian, Blue Willow, antique china patterns and more cover every inch of my house. I have it in the kitchen, dining room, formal living room, nursery, two bathrooms, nursery and more! Thanks Berings!

    • admin says:

      Hi Larissa! We apologize for missing your comment and for just now replying. Thanks so much for reading our blog and for the fun commentary!! – Bering’s Hardware

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