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Like Mother Made It…

Bering’s guest blog post by Executive Chef Reggie Martin, Lemond Kitchen

Reginald PhotoCooking for me was just a way of life growing up in Houston. My family loved to get together after church, for birthday celebrations, and every holiday. Mother’s Day was, without a doubt, the most important holiday after Christmas! This was the day to honor the moms in our family, but most importantly, “Mother Lemond” or just “Mother” to all her children, grand and great-grand children. Mother, my maternal grandmother, started a catering company in the 1950’s. She took great pride in serving her customers and making their events exquisite. Mother’s Day was a chance for her to take a break along with all the other mothers in the family. The kitchen was off limits to them. Their only tasks for the day was to sit back and relax and allow the children to prepare the meal. Cooking on Mother’s Day became somewhat of a competition among family members. This was our chance to showcase our culinary talents and traditions that had been passed down for many generations.

gien filet taupe

lecreuset_longmontAn array of cast-iron pots were standard at Mother’s house. We used these unique pots to cook rice, vegetables, and to roast meats. Gumbo was present at every Sunday dinner, no matter the menu and what else was served. The Gumbo pot was always the largest pot on the stove. I love to cook in cast-iron. You can achieve great color on a game hen or chicken, and then use the drippings or roux to make an excellent pan gravy. We always served from the cast-iron pots, because they retained heat so well. Stewed okra and sausage remain a staple in our home and one of my favorite dishes to cook. This one-pot wonder is always served with hot steamed rice.

1I4A4520The China cabinet held a special place in our heart and home. Mother only allowed food to be served on china plates and bowls. Paper plates did not meet her standards. However, on Mother’s Day it was something special to take out her best china and set the table for the entire family. I enjoyed making Mother’s famous coleslaw. It was a simple delicious dish of fresh cabbage, vinegar, oil, salt pepper and a hint of sugar. This dish was always presented on one of her many china presentation trays. Mother acquired many fine pieces of china over the years for her catering company. To this day, I love the challenge of trying to shred the cabbage as fine as she did for my family to eat.

Plate RackThe most important part for me growing up in the Lemond family was spending relaxed and cherished time with the matriarch of our family, “Mother”. She is no longer with us, but the spirit of those grand Sunday dinners lives on. I try to incorporate that spirit in every dish I prepare. I invite you to share the joy of cooking with your family. So cook something special for your wife, mother, or grandmother this Mother’s day and create your own lasting memories.

0124.11_Ju;liska_CasseroleWe invite you to share your Bering’s Family Moment this Mother’s Day.

reginald and his son

*Chef Reginald with his adorable son Chris!

*Lemond Kitchen Louisiana Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce is now available at Bering’s on Bissonnet.

Join Chef Reggie for a special Mother’s Day cooking demonstration at Bering’s 3900 Bissonnet store location, May 2, from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. He will share some great family recipes from his own family’s holiday meals including their famous Louisiana Bread Pudding!

Food by Chef Reginald of Lemond1

Please click here to register: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=9x5crzdab&


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Blue & White China by Century

While there will always be various tastes and preferences in fine china, certain colors and patterns will always be classic. Blue and white china continues to be a top choice for kitchen and home décor, and has been for centuries.

In Neil MacGregor’s book, A History of the World in 100 Objects, the history of blue and white china is shared with, “Foreign rulers, the Mongols; foreign materials, Muslim blue; and foreign markets, Iran and Iraq – all played an essential, if paradoxical, part in the creation of what to many outside China is still the most Chinese of objects, blue and white porcelain.”

Blue and White China by Century:

14th Century

In the early 14th century, upon the development of mass-production of blue and white porcelain of Chinese techniques and Islamic trade, the new china ware/style made possible by the export of cobalt from Persia.

15th Century

With the advent of the Ming Dynasty in 1368, blue and white ware was shunned for a time by the Court, as being too foreign in inspiration.[4]

16th Century

Some blue and white wares of the 16th century were characterized by Islamic influences, such as the ware under the Zhengde Emperor (1506–1521), which sometimes bore Persian and Arabic script,[5] due to the influence of Muslim eunuchs serving at his court.

17th Century

During the 17th century, numerous blue and white pieces were made as export porcelain for the European markets. European symbols and scenes were increasingly combined with Chinese scenes and objects.

18th Century

In the 18th century export porcelain continued to be produced for the European markets.[5] As a result of the work of Francois Xavier d’Entrecolles, however, details of Chinese porcelain manufacture were transmitted to Europe.

By the beginning of the 17th century Chinese blue and white porcelain was being exported directly to Europe. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Oriental blue and white porcelain was highly prized in Europe and America and sometimes enhanced by fine silver and gold mounts.

Hand-painted and transfer-printed wares were made at Worcester and at other early English factories in a style known as Chinoiserie.

Here are some beautiful blue and white images:


*Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted pattern available at Bering’s.


*Juliska’s Country Estate Blue Delft pattern available at Bering’s.


*Mottahedeh’s Blue Lace Charger and Tobacco Leaf dinner and salad plates, available at Bering’s.

BEH15LuxeAdSpring_v2 1 jpg7799

*Herend’s Chinese Blue Bouquet salad and dinner plates with Mottahedeh’s Blue Lace charger. The stemware is William Yeoward’s Elizabeth pattern. All items are available at Bering’s.

blue and white day

*Top left, Spode’s Blue Willow, bottom left, Mottahedeh’s Imperial Blue, bottom right, Mottahedeh’s Blue Lace.

blue1 (11)

*Mottahedeh’s Blue Lace paired with Imperial Blue.


*Bernardaud, available at Bering’s.


*Herend’s Rothschild Bird, Blue. Available at Bering’s.


*Royal Crown Derby’s Blue Aves, available at Bering’s.


*Wedgwood’s Bentley Anthemion, available at Bering’s.

Not everything is black and white!

– Bering’s

*Sources include Wikipedia and A History of the World in 100 Objects.

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Meaningful Vignettes

When life gives you memories, incorporate them in a vignette. Decorating your house should be a reflection of you and your family, and what better way to achieve this than to incorporate important keepsakes from milestones past?

It is important to keep in mind that little keepsakes might not look like a memento to anyone but you, possibly adding to the personal significance. Something else to note is that creating little vignettes is a great way to add a piece that may or may not be part of a bigger set, such as your china pattern, but a piece that you love all the same. Without further adieu, here are some vignettes to inspire you in your own home!


*Herend, Limoges & Madame Alexander available at Bering’s

*Reed & Barton and Gorham Chantilly Wine Holders at Bering's

*Reed & Barton and Gorham Chantilly Wine Holders at Bering’s

Blue and White China

*Blue and white vases and frame from Bering’s at Home

herend and wedgwod

*Herend, Limoges, Reed & Barton tray and Wedgwood Style available at Bering’s

mottahedeh tobacco leaf tray

*Mottahedeh’s Tobacco Leaf tray available at Bering’s

mottahedeh at berings

*Mottahedeh’s Tobacco Leaf available at Bering’s


Mottahedeh Imari

*Imari vintage plate and antique books from family. Get the look at Bering’s

Reed and Barton Junior League of Houston

*Reed & Barton Piggy Bank paired with Peace Meals book available at Bering’s

limoges herend veranda

*Limoges, Herend and Veranda available at Bering’s

i married adventure

*Limoges, Herend and The Little Book For Moms available at Bering’s

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DIY Spring Sprucing with Paint

vignette amitha

This little table adds so much depth to the vignette and was painted with Amitha Verma Furniture Paint, available at Bering’s.

Spring sprucing conjures up so many mental images, from organizing, cleaning, bright colors and more! For some of us, the sprucing up continues on to pieces of furniture we have in our house. So many of us have pieces of less than desirable furniture that we wish could be tweaked or refined to help make the space a bit more desirable. The great news is that sprucing up your house is so easy to do and only requires a little time and even less paint!



get the look amitha

If you recall, earlier this year we hosted an Amitha Verma paint demo at our 3900 Bissonnet store location and were thrilled by the turn-out! No need to fret if you missed the demo because we are going to recap just how wonderfully simple it is to breathe new life into your pieces of furniture. In fact, it is so easy that you only need to remember these three steps…


Bering’s very own, Mike Uchniat, hosted a recent Amitha Verma Furniture Paint demo and painted a piece of furniture in front of event attendees at Bering’s on Bissonnet.


Step 1: Painting your piece no prepping, sanding or stripping required! Begin painting in one corner and start brushing beautiful, long, clean, and continuous strokes across your furniture using our natural Amitha Verma boar’s hair paint brush specifically designed to provide maximum coverage and a pro finish. You will want to avoid short strokes. Keep doing this until you cover your entire piece. The first coat will cover really, really well. Once it’s dry, take a look at your piece and decide if you want to apply a second coat or if you just need to touch up a few parts that didn’t get covered. Move on to step 2.


We all have chair envy! Would you believe that a Bering’s customer painted this chair for her daughter and it was her very first piece to paint since she was in grade school?! Trust us when we say that it is simple and pretty incredible given the instant gratification! And thanks to Bering’s valued customer, Melinda, for sharing!

Step 2: Applying Amitha Verma furniture wax in clear. If you want your finish to be durable and long-lasting, then applying clear wax to your piece is vital. The clear wax provides a protective seal on top of your painted finish. To start, take your large diameter round Amitha Verma clear wax brush specially designed to apply the wax quickly and evenly due to its round shape and optimal density and dip it into your Amitha Verma clear wax. Get a thin coat of wax on your brush. Apply the clear wax all over your piece. Let it dry for 20 minutes and move on to step 3.

Brush options

Step 3: Applying Amitha Verma furniture wax in brown or gray. Amitha Verma brown and gray wax are the secret ingredients to creating the richness and depth you love in painted furniture. This is the step that brings the gorgeous colors to life! To apply the dark wax, you’ll want to dip your Amitha Verma dark wax brush into your wax and get a thin coat of wax onto your brush which, was specially designed to ensure you get the perfect amount of darker wax on your piece. Then, apply the wax all over your piece using a “feathering” motion. Once the dark wax has completely dried after approximately 20 minutes, ask yourself, “Where are the areas that would show natural aging?” This is usually around the edges, handles, and any raised edges such as molding, creases and grooves. Go back into these areas and apply a second coat of wax to these areas. Let it dry for 20 mins.

highlight details


Here are some inspirational images of Amitha Verma paint transformations!


We apologize that there isn’t a before picture of this chair, but we love how Amitha’s Chantilly white paint, gray wax and a little gold leaf paint (from Bering’s) transformed this little chair!

If you love gilt accents then you’ll love this piece! Amitha shared the image with us from a piece she painted and we are smitten! You too can create this look at your own home. Simply select your paint color, add gold leaf and wax to your desired look (distressed)!

amitha paint exampleAmitha also shared the insanely handsome image below and at first blush, we were unsure as to which piece had been painted with Amitha Verma Furniture Paint. Can you tell? …The dresser on the left! This proves that incorporating DIY pieces into any room can work. Even the room featured below, that looks like it should be in Veranda or Luxe Magazine!

the dresserWe also wanted to share the image below that we found posted by House Beautiful. Mottahedeh’s Blue Canton china  pattern is as classically beautiful as it gets, we can all agree on that! However, if you’ll look at the backing of the china hutch you will notice the refreshing aqua paint color. It is a small touch, but one worth sharing and possibly incorporating in your own home! You don’t have to paint an entire piece, sometimes a little gray or brown wax, gold leaf paint or a focal point of a furniture piece is all it takes!

64f125aae6774224908bc5c213ff8dd4Amitha Verma’s thoughtfully curated, designer colors make picking the wrong color impossible. Create memories in your reinvented home– now and for years to come. Visit either Bering’s location for an assortment of color options or shop Amitha’s paint brushes online now by clicking here!

Simply select your Color, Wax, and pick up your Amitha Verma Brushes to transform your home today! …Spring sprucing can be fun with a little creativity!

Spring sprucing!


*Thanks to Amitha Verma for sharing her great tips for recreating your home with a paint brush and a little paint.




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Bering’s VIETRI Ambassador Event Featuring Anne Campbell Robbins

Houston, TX – April 8, 2015, Bering’s is proud to announce that Anne Campbell Robbins, the National Sales Manager of VIETRI, Inc. will be present at a special VIETRI event on April 24 from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Bering’s on 3900 Bissonnet. For over 30 years, VIETRI has provided high-quality, handcrafted products for homes that encourage the essence of the Italian lifestyle. The VIETRI brand includes collaborative designs from the best of Italian culture in ceramics and glassware, flatware, and table linens.

VIETRIVIETRI was founded in 1983 by Lee Gravely and her daughters, Susan and Frances, after a family trip to Italy where they fell in love with the colorful hand painted dinnerware on the Amalfi Coast. VIETRI has grown from a small company representing one Italian factory to the largest Italian importing company in the American tabletop industry. VIETRI has over 40 manufacturers throughout Italy, where master artisans create products in ceramic, stoneware, glass, metals, and textiles. Many artisans are from multiple generations of skilled masters.

A symbol of superior design and artistry, VIETRI’s handcrafted Italian products are regularly seen in most major home, gourmet, fashion and style magazines in America as the pick of editors for style, color, pattern and craftsmanship. VIETRI is regularly featured in countless American magazines including Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, Southern Lady, Town & Country, Architectural Digest, and Coastal Living.

Bering’s graciously invites you to join the celebration! Anne will share Italian stories, design inspiration, and decorating ideas. Having lived and studied in Italy, Anne is inspired by all that is irresistibly Italian, and she brings infectious energy and Italian style everywhere she goes. She will even personalize VIETRI purchases with Italian phrases.

Please help welcome Anne, Friday, April 24, from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., at Bering’s on 3900 Bissonnet.

Come celebrate in the tradition of All Things Italian! Presale for Bering’s VIETRI Ambassador Event is April 10 – 24. Customers making VIETRI purchases during this time will receive a gift with purchase while supplies last.


VIETRI Pieces We Love!

lastra detail 012 VIETRI-Incanto_Aqua_Detail Incanto_Ad 023Bering’s Brides continue to love VIETRI for their wedding registry!

VIETRI_IncantoGlam (4)

About Bering’s:

Celebrating 75 years of business, the first Bering’s Hardware opened in Houston, Texas in 1940 as a traditional hardware and lumber company. A second location was developed in 1987. Through the years, Bering’s has grown its offerings into 16 separate departments and has been cited in several national articles and books as being one of the best places to shop in America.

Bering’s continues to operate as a family owned, one-of-a-kind store providing an unparalleled shopping experience. Renowned for their bridal and baby registry services, offering an incredible array of upscale gifts including china, crystal, stationery, Big Green Egg Grills, YETI Coolers, coffees and teas, quality hardware items for the home, as well as everything for the kitchen and yard.

Bering’s has two Houston, TX locations, 6102 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77057 as well as a location at 3900 Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77005; telephone 713.785.6400; website www.Berings.com.

About Anne Campbell Robbins:

Anne Campbell Robbins is the National Sales Manager for VIETRI, Inc., the largest U.S. wholesaler of Italian handcrafted dinnerware and home and garden accessories. With its main office and distribution center located in Hillsborough, NC, VIETRI owns a showroom in Atlanta, Las Vegas, and New York, and is represented in all other major tabletop markets such as Los Angeles and Dallas.

With extensive previous experience as a retailer, buyer, and sales representative, Anne began serving as an independent sales representative for VIETRI in 2007. She came to VIETRI with both sales savvy and a love of all things Italian, having spent four years in Florence running a study abroad program and completing a Master’s in Italian language. Anne served as the VIETRI Representative for North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington DC, for six years and was one of our highest performing sales representatives. In January 2014, Anne transitioned into the position of National Sales Manager, and she works under Holli Draughn, VIETRI’s Vice President of Sales, to best position VIETRI in the industry. Anne maintains that her association with VIETRI has allowed her to keep one foot in Italy and the other in America, sharing her passion for Italian culture, cooking, and history each and every day.


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Bering’s Bridal Feature, Caris & Jarod

Caris and Jarod

Houston, Texas, is the nation’s fourth largest city with the 2014 population coming in at over 2.5 million people. Even after narrowing down the population to about 30,000 volunteers from The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR), finding forever is no small feat! Caris and Jarod discovered just how wonderful a giving heart can be while volunteering at HLSR. The two met at the rodeo and have been best friends ever since!


Over a two year courtship, Caris and Jarod knew they had something special. Caris shared that they went to New York to spend the Christmas holiday with Jarod’s family and sister who lives on Long Island. On Christmas morning Jarod surprised her with a card that said they would be spending the last night of the trip in the city. Jarod planned the night with great care and attention and booked a hotel room with an amazing view of the city skyline near Time Square. After a fun day of shopping, site seeing and an incredible dinner the couple found themselves in Central Park. Caris reminisced about the magical night by adding, “Jarod lead me to the famous & romantic Bow Bridge over the water (think When Harry met Sally) where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.” After Caris said, “YES!” they walked to Tavern on the Green for champagne and dancing! …That is such a beautiful proposal!!

RHA-808-24*New York Tow Bridge image by Teleseries.

new york new york

Caris and Jarod are to be married on October 3rd and will stay true to their initial rodeo meeting by having a gorgeous ceremony that will take place overlooking a lake with the reception in a barn/dance hall. The wedding will take place at a family ranch near Mexia, Texas, and one that Caris and Jarod spend a lot of time at boating, fishing and horseback riding. The ceremony and reception is sure to be beyond romantic with vintage & rustic décor, lots of lights, good food and live music!


With such a true blue Houston love story and what is sure to be an incredible wedding reception and ceremony, it is a bit hard to transition onto the couple’s registry! [It is okay to take a minute to collect your thoughts before continuing on with this blog post. Their story is a special one and is certainly a once in a lifetime love. …Okay, time is up!] Time to focus on their lovely wedding registry and the good times they are sure to have hosting friends and family with their beautiful china and crystal!

central park view

*The New York skyline the couple looked at leading up to the proposal.

We always ask our featured Bering’s Bride & Groom about why they decided to register and do their wedding stationery with us. Caris shared, “It is definitely a family store and tradition for Jarod’s family and a staple in Houston. We love going there on the weekends to shop and browse for gifts or whatever we may need.” Thanks, you two! It is an honor to be part of your wedding day as well as the pieces that will help get you two started with your new life together!

10502247_10204371446825257_2332314073604411421_nThe couple registered for timeless pieces from some of our favorite manufacturers such as Wedgwood and Waterford, and will enjoy setting the beautiful tabletops to come! Don’t you love their china selection? Caris and Jarod registered for Wedgwood’s Vera Wang Grosgrain 5-piece place setting and it will look even more amazing framed by Waterford’s elegant Lismore stemware!

Wedgwood Vera Wang Grosgrain 5piece settingwaterford lisemore essence setEqually impressive is the couple’s selection of barware and serving pieces! You cannot go wrong with Reed & Barton’s Hamilton pattern or Beatriz Ball’s surprisingly “fuss-free” serving pieces. Would you believe that the pieces are tarnish free?! We bet you like the 3qt casserole carrier even more!

reed barton hamiltonbeatriz ball 3 qt casserole

Last but not least, we love that Caris and Jarod registered for some Annieglass serving pieces. It too is machine washable and surprisingly easy to care for. The gold and platinum finishes offered by the line are kilned inside the glass so that they are beautifully functional!

annieglass serving bowl

From the couple’s tabletop to desktops, it is very exciting to share that their wedding invitations and thank you cards will also be from Bering’s! We cannot share their beautiful selection, but promise that they are every bit as amazing and special as their registry and that each invitation is sure to be sealed with love!


Click here to view the couple’s wedding registry: http://www.berings.com/GiftRegistry/4168-1750889-wedding.aspx

Caris and Jarod, we greatly appreciate being able to share in this special time and hope to be a part of even more of life’s many milestones with you two in the years to come!

Wedding Blessings!


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Celebrating 75 Years of Bering’s

We hope you enjoy reading this article, published in the current issue of Texas Landowners Association magazine.

TLA PRESS BERINGS 75_2In a recent marketing planning session, ideas were shared and discussed about how best to market and celebrate Bering’s upcoming 75th anniversary. It was admittedly a bit of a surprise when Augie IV commented, “It should be progressive.” I suppose it came as a surprise due to Bering’s well known reputation of good old fashion customer service. However, as it turns out, it should not have been the least bit surprising, because businesses do not remain successful unless they are progressive.

Bering's 1960s

The late Augie Bering, III assisting a Bering’s customer.

Customers always come first at Bering’s, directly resulting in the diverse product mix generations of Houstonians have come to expect and rely on. As a Bering’s employee, customer service expectations are raised as high as your hands can reach. (And if your hands can’t reach, then a foot stool better make up the difference!) Bering’s employees aren’t in the business of selling; they are in the business of explaining and informing customers about their options and the difference between them.

Bering's 75th AnniversaryThe old fashion customer service began in 1940, when August C. Bering, Jr. founded Bering Lumber Co., as a wholesale lumber yard. Upon August C. Bering’s passing, his son, August C. Bering III, decided to relocate the business to the current 6102 Westheimer location. The decision was strategic, as Houston was expanding west of downtown and plans to construct new homes were developing.


*An ad from the 1970s.

Through years of responding to customer needs, the store morphed into an indescribable business that continues to sell hardware, as well as Baccarat crystal, children’s apparel, Big Green Egg grills, small kitchen appliances, gourmet coffee, top-of-the-line fine paper in stationery and more. Bering’s was recently noted as one of the nation’s top 25 retail stores in author, George Whalin’s book, Retail Superstars. Whalin cited, “Berings is very different!”


*Bering Lumber Company picture from the 1950s.

Bering’s CEO, Augie IV noted, “Our customers and staff have guided us into lines of business we would never have imagined. Our picture frame shop became our gift shop because an employee saw the need. Another employee suggested we add the world’s best coffees. Merchandise no longer relevant to our changing customer base was edited out and replaced with newer lines.”


*A previous ad depicting Bering’s vast product mix.

The Bering’s have experienced most everything there is to experience over their seventy five years in business. In 1971, a fire came close to destroying the Westheimer store. While many would have seen the challenge of rebuilding too much to deal with, the Bering’s viewed it as an opportunity to expand their product mix to include housewares and fine china.

seventyfive3“Market conditions and changes have always been, and continue to be, met by adapting to what our customers need and ask for. When the rise of commercial hardware chains pushed us out of the lumber market, we saw it as an opportunity to turn the department into a children’s boutique,” Augie Bering V, Bering’s President.

*Augie Bering V and Augie Bering IV

*Augie Bering V and Augie Bering IV

Listening to the voice of the customer is what has lead to Bering’s almost seventy-five years of business in Houston. Old fashion customer service paired with an ear open to ever-changing customer and employee needs is the progressive mix Bering’s has stood behind for seventy-five years, and as they say, “Some things will never change!”

– Julie Shuford

Bering’s Marketing Manager


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A Grandeur Wedding

Wedding Season might be coming to a close, but the memorable images will inspire us until next time. From Weddings in Houston to Houston Brides Modern Luxury, and even our own wedding professionals’ reception, the beautiful wedding displays were dazzling! Still, with all of the wedding opulence the theme remained constant – love is all you need! Please enjoy these gorgeous images from last week’s Houston Brides Modern Luxury Grandeur Wedding Show!

Houston Brides Modern Luxury

The event was held at the elegant Astorian and the theme was taken from the building’s industrial architectural vibe. We decided to play-up the building’s raw beauty by infusing a bit of our own. We looked to the Pont des Arts in Paris, at the Locks of Love Bridge. Since we are a hardware store it was a lot of fun pulling from our hardware department to prepare the show backdrop. We literally brought both ends of our store together with the fine china and crystal and locks and wire! The juxtaposition of it all was fun, and even more so to the attendees who were familiar with the famous bridge in Paris! …Regardless of knowing or not knowing about the bridge, it was a fun conversation piece that seemed to make people smile. Mission accomplished!

Love Lock Bridge*Photo by Getty Images

[A quick note about the actual bridge in Paris:

Thousands of lovers from across the world visit the Pont des Arts every year and seal their love by attaching a lock carrying their names to its railing and throwing the key in the Seine. The Pont des Arts crosses the French capital’s river Seine just in front of the Louvre museum and is known the world over for its “locks of love”.]

It tied in nicely to the event venue, the Astorian:

IMAG4658The Astorian Houston

The view above at night is pretty amazing, but it is worth noting that the view during the day is pretty special too! Featured below is the setting selected by Two Be Wed for an upcoming Houston Brides Modern Luxury Magazine feature. It was picked from our gift shop and we are delighted to be part of the shoot.

IMAG4678*Featured above is Robert Haviland‘s Syracuse Taupe dinner set, Aguirre Horizon
by Jaune de Chrome and Waterford‘s Carine Essence stemware.

If the view above isn’t clear enough, then look at this lovely image taken by Le Zu Photography!


IMAG4710*The gorgeous table linens were provided by Monrreal & Co.

IMAG4712IMAG4707twobewed111*Our Bering’s Stationery Department prepared the menu featured above. The modern edge was carried over with the straight line detailing used for the menu.

Below is where the fashion show took place featuring talented designers like Houston-based David Peck and beautiful Houston Boutiques such Mia Bridal Couture, Now & Forever Bridal Boutique, Impressions Bridal Boutique, Bella Bridesmaids and more!

houbridesastorian etegiere3Placed on top of each of the chairs was a carefully packaged Bering’s truffle for attendees to enjoy!

boxchoc chairs

Before making it back to our booth, you have to see the gorgeously sweet spreads by Delicacy Bakery as well as Petite Sweets Houston featured below! Amazing!


*Delicacy Bakery


*Petite Sweets Houston

Back at the Bering’s booth, we continued on with the overall color scheme and theme! Here is a close-up taken from our booth. Balushka Paper Floral Artistry continues to be a beautiful option for brides! And we are thrilled to report that Royal Crown Derby and L’Objet fine china are also as in demand as ever before among Bering’s wedding registry selections!


With so many gorgeous crystal and glassware to choose from, Waterford was selected by Two Be Wed for the photo-shoot for this event. We decided to continue on and display Waterford at our booth too!

beringsweddingshowRoyal Crown Derby at Bering'sbering's bridal registryWith so many lovely pieces featured at our booth we wanted to point out a few pieces that have not yet been mentioned. A new figurine for Herend, as well as Bering’s, is the precious hand painted wedding cake (available in multiple colors)! Brides and wedding guests alike have been loving the newest piece!!

herend wedding cakeAnd a registry staple is Beatriz Ball’s pearl tray! The best part about Beatriz Ball pieces is that you never have to polish them!

beatrice pearl trayLast but not least, did you see our YETI Coolers? We admit that they do not exactly fit the theme, BUT we assure you  that the male attendees were happy to see something suitable for their needs and interests! And to be honest, more and more brides-to-be are adding them to their registries on their own. They are about as good-looking as a cooler gets and as you know, “YETI‘s are wildly stronger to keep cool longer.” Plus, technically speaking it is a couple’s registry, not a groom’s or bride’s, but a couple. …To that end, be on the lookout for more Couples Registry centered marketing by Bering’s!


couplesregistry 1Enough about us! Let’s take a look at more images from Houston Brides Modern Luxury’s Grandeur wedding show!

LG Entertainment lit the show up with their amazing lighting and sound. Their very own, D.J. LG kept the crowd alive with his upbeat mix of music!


Below are the three ladies who made the event one to remember! They are Houston Brides Modern Luxury’s Elizabeth Graham, Molly Johnson and Evan Wetmore. The trio thanked everyone for attending and kicked off the fashion show!

houstonbridesgals…Let the show begin!!

davidpeck99999 modern lux brideThis is just one of the gorgeous wedding gowns!

Throughout the night, guests had the option of bidding on silent auction items benefiting Dress for Success Houston!


Each guest received a swag bag filled with wonderful items. We were excited about giving each guest one of our Bering’s 75th anniversary coffee mugs with our anniversary blend coffee, as well as a gift card for an Embossed Graphics monogrammed notepad! …And let’s not forget to compliment Two Be Wed for the darling bags everything was packaged up in!!

goodybagstease*We loved this sign on Tease Salon‘s table!

It was a fun night that left everyone wanting even more beautiful wedding inspiration!


Wedding fun!


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Easter Tabletop Inspiration + Giveaway

Easter Tabletop Inspiration

Easter is such a wonderful time of year and one that brings family together around a shared table. Tabletops are some of our favorite vignettes at Bering’s and we are continuously inspired by customer feedback as well as wedding registry mixing and matching of various patterns. Changing seasons and holidays make decorating our gift shop tabletops so much fun, and add to everyone getting into the spirit of whatever the holiday or season might be at the time. The best part is that we all have a table of our own to decorate and infuse our personal touch with place settings, serving pieces, crystal, décor and more, enhancing treasured time with friends and family.

Jean Couzon Le Perle Five Piece Setting, Herend Queen Victoria, Waterford Crystal, Baccarat Butterfly

When we initially began discussing working with Lauren for a special Easter tabletop blog post, we quickly realized just how terrific a fit it was for so many reasons – chief among them being that she was a Bering’s Bride! Not to mention, Lauren has beautiful taste and specifically requested the pattern featured in these images, Herend’s Queen Victoria pattern, mixed with Herend’s Princess Victoria pattern. It is also fun to note that the Baccarat butterflies were Lauren’s idea and are a symbol of resurrection. The Baccarat butterflies are even more beautiful knowing about the symbolism, as we countdown to Easter!

Baccarat Butterfly, Herend Queen Victoria

Lauren has classic taste in fine china; Herend’s Queen Victoria pattern was introduced in 1851 at the First World Exhibition in London. The name came about upon Queen Victoria purchasing the pattern for herself! And for the artists and art lovers reading this post, did you know that each of these dinner plates takes an average of 12 hours to hand draw and paint?! The pieces are very special and oh-so lovely. We hope you enjoy Lauren’s Easter tabletop and be sure to enter to win a Baccarat butterfly!

Herend Queen Victoria with Baccarat Butterfly and Waterford CrystalBaccarat ButterflyHerend Queen Victoria Place Setting, Baccarat Butterfly, Waterford Crystal

Herend Queen Victoria Tureen Close Up Shot Herend Queen Victoria, Waterford Crystal, Baccarat Butterflies, Jean Couzon Le Perle Five Piece Setting Jean Couzon Le Perle Five Piece Setting, Herend Queen Victoria, Baccarat Butterfly 3 Jean Couzon Le Perle Five Piece Setting, Herend Queen Victoria, Baccarat Butterfly

Baccarat Butterflies, Beatriz Ball Pearl David Long Rectangle Tray

*Baccarat Butterflies and Beatriz Ball Pearl David Long Rectangle Tray

We are excited to give one lucky reader a Baccarat butterfly in their choice of color! Simply complete the Rafflecopter at Sunday Beach Blog by clicking here. And be sure to follow Sunday Beach Blog and Bering’s Hardware on Instagram! Contest runs thru Saturday.

Good luck!

– Bering’s

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