The Publisher & Her Prince


Ms. Molly Johnson & Mr. Jebb Stone

Molly and JebbIn the glamorous world of weddings, we meet some truly incredible brides and grooms that come into the store to register and have their save-the-dates, invitations and thank you notes ordered. Part of the glamour and build up in the wedding industry is largely due to the fine press found right here in Houston, TX. Houston Brides Modern Luxury is no exception, and their talented publisher, Molly Johnson, continuously does an excellent job putting Houston brides at ease thanks to her incredibly helpful and inspirational feature stories and images. Please join in the excitement as we celebrate the engagement of the Publisher of Houston Brides Modern Luxury, Ms. Molly Johnson!

Houston Brides Modern Luxury Logo

mollyandfianceHaving met Molly multiple times over the years, we can genuinely say that she is a gem of a person and are tickled that she has found her prince! In fact, Molly and her fiancé, Jebb Stone, are set to be married on April 11th, on the beach in Rosemary Beach, Florida. The couple’s reception will be held at the Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach and is sure to be gorgeous decorated in their wedding colors of gold, light pinks, white, black and hints of green!


We believe good things come to good people, and since Molly set a friend up that ended up getting married to the person she set them up with, it is wonderful to report that her friend returned the favor and introduced Molly to Jebb! Their double date “set up” was at a Houston Rockets game, and after initially becoming friends for a few months the two started dating – and the rest is history!

Their engagement story is pretty fantastic! Jebb’s mother planned a family vacation to Mexico last summer and their flight was to leave out of New Orleans (that is where Jebb’s brother and his mother would be meeting them to fly to meet the rest of the family). After a fun road trip, Jebb wanted to go to a nice dinner at Restaurant August, just he and Molly, to celebrate their upcoming trip. The couple’s private dinner celebration was even more important because they also wanted to toast the closing of their house, which had happened earlier that week. Jebb was so laid back leading up to the dinner that Molly confessed to being completely thrown off when he pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him! Molly added that it was the icing on the cake with all of the other excitement they had going on! Molly, we are pretty sure Jebb was so laid back because he knew he was about to make the smartest decision by asking you to be his wife. :)

…And not to worry about missing the family vacation, Molly and Jebb were able to continue the fiesta with family the next week in Mexico and more at home upon their return!

Waterford Lisemore Toasting Flutes - Copy*From Molly & Jebb’s wedding registry, Waterford Lisemore

As previously mentioned, we are so happy that Molly and Jebb registered at Bering’s and are thrilled to share their selection with you! When we asked Molly why they registered at Bering’s she said, “Bering’s has always been top-of-mind when considering registry due to the incredible lines they carry and the diversity in products! Jebb was able to find things he wanted for the grill, knives, a Yeti Cooler, etc. I was able to fulfill our basic kitchen needs as well as fine china and crystal. They made the process easy and fun!” Did we mention Molly is the Publisher for Houston Brides Modern Luxury?! That quote is print-worthy and means so much to us, thanks Molly!


We have to confess that it was particularly exciting seeing what Molly and Jebb registered for, given Molly’s deep knowledge of the wedding industry, vendors, etc.! Be prepared to be dazzled by their selection!

houston brides cover*Molly’s current cover of Houston Brides Modern Luxury

The two opted for the oh-so opulent and regal fine china pattern of Philippe Deshoulieres Arcades Grey & Gold. It is truly magnificent and we are certain that it will be used at some very special events hosted by Molly and Jebb for years to come!

deschoullier arcades goldWe also love their classic selection of Juliska’s Berry & Thread pattern for their everyday china! It continues to be a bridal registry favorite in our gift shop, and for good reason! This machine washable and timeless pattern can be dressed up or down and will always be a beauty due to its white finish and delicate berry & thread pattern, which gives it just the right amount of added detail.


We have to note that Molly was very wise and solicited the assistance of her best friend to help with their registry. Molly said, “We went with what felt like ‘us’ and was ‘timeless’ as well as practical!” She then added, “I brought along my best friend for her advice on what she really uses for day-to-day and special occasions.” Not only does bringing a best friend along help, but it makes for an even more enjoyable experience when you can share the moment with a loved one!

Some additional pieces that Molly & Jebb Registered for include Le Creuset, Simon Pearce, Reed & Barton and Waterford:

LS25012459_125 - Copy*Le Creuset

Simon Pearce Woodbury Bowl - Copy*Simon Pearce

Reed & Barton Soho Decanter*Reed & Barton

Waterford Lisemore Nouveau Stemless - Copy*Waterford

Molly didn’t say if her friend suggested for Jebb to register for a Yeti Cooler, but it is probably safe to assume that it was Jebb’s own doing! Kudos on registering for two different sizes, because they are sure to be used!

YR20T_125 - Copy YT45IB_125 - CopyMolly and Jebb are doing their thank you notes in our Bering’s Fine Stationery Department and we just know their guests will love the added expression of gratitude upon receiving the thoughtful hand-written cards!

20140924_Berings_0946*Bering’s Fine Stationery

Please click here to view the rest of Molly and Jebb’s amazing wedding registry items:

Molly and Jebb, we wish you two wedded bliss and a life full of blessings!

Wedding fun!


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Bering’s Bridal Feature, Julia & Charles

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you… We are familiar with the song, but for one of our Bering’s employees her love at first sight truly was her fairytale come true, and we are so excited for her! Julia Clark is not just an amazing bridal registry consultant at Bering’s; she is also a Bering’s Bride! While we admit to being a bit biased at how much we adore her love story, we are pretty sure you will find that this post couldn’t be timed any better than to post it the week of Valentine’s.


Julia grew up in Beaufort, South Carolina and met her now fiancé, Charles Cannon, while he was stationed at Parris Island, SC. Julia was out with a friend where a favorite local rock band was playing, and she saw Charles and thought he was the “dreamiest” guy in the room. Julia confessed that, “If I believed in love at first sight then that was definitely it!” While she was sure that Charles saw her too, the night ended without an opportunity to speak to one another.


About a month later, on Friday, March 13, 2009, they ran into each other again at the very same place!  She saw him and immediately recognized him, but was too shy to go up and talk to him. Julia was out on the patio with her friend when Charles approached asked if he could have a light.


Two short weeks later Charles took Julia out for a romantic dinner for her birthday where they started to get to know one another better. Over the next few months they became much closer. Julia said that Charles was up front with her when they met about the fact he would be getting out of the Marine Corps later that year, and planned to move back to Texas to go to school. (Charles is from Texas.)  When we first met it was very casual and we were just going with the flow, enjoying getting to know one another, but their love was growing. As the day Charles would be leaving steadily approached, he finally popped the question to Julia, “Will you come with me to Texas?” She said she was shocked at first which is probably part of the reason why she initially told Charles she could not move to Texas.


However, they continued to see each other and Julia thought about the possibility of moving a bit more. The fact that Charles asked her to move with him meant a lot to Julia, and she knew he was genuine. She decided to take the leap, a mere month or so before he was scheduled to move. Charles found an apartment on Law St (right behind the Bering’s Bissonnet location) which was dog friendly, since Julia was moving out with Maverick (her Great Dane) three weeks after him.

Charles started school at The University of Houston in 2009 and decided to major in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Hilton College, with a minor in Wine and Spirits. Charles’ dream is to own and manage his own brewpub someday.  He graduated in 2013 with his Bachelor’s degree.  In January this year 2014 he started interning at 8th Wonder Brewery, offered to him by one of his professors at UH.  He was hired full time at 8th Wonder in June. Julia added that, “He is very driven and passionate about what he wants to do!”

On the eve of their five year anniversary Charles was working, so Julia assumed they would enjoy lunch or something casual to celebrate. Julia arrived home from work on March 12th and Charles told her to get ready to go out to dinner. (Charles knows that Julia loves surprises!)  On their way to dinner, it briefly crossed her mind that this was a big milestone for them and perhaps maybe he had something up his sleeve…..but she quickly let it go and decided to relax and have a good time! They enjoyed dinner at Prego, where Charles ordered a bottle of a 2009 Italian vintage, to honor the year they met! After dinner they went to Hans’ Bier Haus, one of their favorite spots to grab a craft beer.

Charles had planned to hang out and play some music on the jukebox (some songs to reminisce of when they met) and wait till midnight so it would officially be their anniversary when he popped the big question.  But upon arriving at Hans’ they discovered it was comedy open mic night!  Oops.  Charles decided to go ahead and ask the question sooner rather than later.  They were hanging out on their patio in the Bier garden, and he looked at Julia and asked her for a light. (Like when they first met.) She reached into her purse pocket and fumbled to find her small lighter. As she brought her lighter out he was already on one knee with an odd expression of frustration on his face. He reached back into her purse pocket and pulled out the ring and asked Julia to marry him!  She said that while she was once again in shock she managed to give him an emphatic yes!  …Turns out Charles had tied the ring to her lighter earlier in the evening and then put it back in when she was distracted.  However, when she fumbled around trying to find the lighter she knocked the ring off!

Don’t you love their fairytale story?! Not everyone can say they experienced love at first sight, but Julia can! When we asked her about why she and Charles decided to register at Bering’s, she simply said, “I know Bering’s has everything I need! …Thanks, Julia and Charles!

It is even more exciting seeing what a Bering’s Bridal Consultant registers for! Since Charles is so passionate about beer and wine you will probably notice some bar items on their registry! And since they love tasting new wines, they opted to go with Riedel crystal instead of a cut crystal since you really get the most out of wine tasting if you have the right glass!

The couple’s china selections do not have any family significance. Since Julia started working at Bering’s she said that she has always loved the Herend china, and has already started to acquire some pieces of their pattern, Princess Victoria. Julia added that she has always loved green (She wrote a color theory paper on green while taking art classes.) because it is the color of nature and life. Don’t you love their formal china?!


Julia Clark at Herend Artist Event

Their everyday china is equally classic and gorgeous. Julia said that she loves the simplicity and old world feel of the Quotidien pattern by Juliska.


Juliajulias juliskaAnd if you aren’t already completely blown away by their romantic story and gorgeous china then you will be once you take a look at their custom invitations that were created at Bering’s!

JuliaWeddingInvitationJulia actually drew the art for their invitation and every detail is symbolic down to the roots! The lone star, blue bonnets and yellow roses are symbolic of Charles’ home state, as well as the first flowers he gave her. She also included Hops because he loves beer! Her side of the invitation is inspired by state she grew up in, South Carolina, with the Jessamine and palmetto flowers, passion flowers, the crescent moon and more! The roots are to symbolic for their future and the path they are about to set out on together.

Since their wedding and reception will be at Magnolia Gardens Park, Julia’s mother painted their extremely special enclosure card. Just gorgeous!


Julia and Charles’ wedding date is Friday, March 13, 2015.  Six years from the official day they met! Charles had the idea to get married on their anniversary of meeting, and Julia loves the idea too! She joked that it’s so he won’t have to remember a new anniversary date! …Funny!

As briefly mentioned above, their wedding ceremony and reception will be at Magnolia Gardens Park, right along the banks of the San Jacinto River. So romantic! And since they love camping, they are actually having the option for their guests to stay the night and camp with them and continue the celebration the next day!  Their wedding colors are lavender, yellow, and spring green – lovely! Julia said that she has always loved lavender, and yellow for yellow roses, which were the first flowers Charles surprised her with when they started dating!

Please click here to view even more of their beautiful wedding registry items:

JuliaRegistryCongratulations and wedding blessings from everyone at Bering’s, Julia and Charles!!

-          Bering’s

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No Water Necessary!

Hello and welcome to the world of Balushka Paper Floral Artistry! We are smitten with Balushka’s handmade creations and are sure you will love them even more when you see the artful creations in person. She made her first flower and has continued to excel in the art every since and is now the premier paper floral artist for elite wedding planners such as David Tutera and many more!

Here are some of our favorite Balushka Paper Floral Artistry pieces now available at Bering’s!

balushka8888closeup3 closeup  balushkacharlotte balushka99 Balushka Westheimer balushka corsage balushka88 balushka77 balushka23 balushkabissonnet balushka18 balushka17 balushka16 balushka15 balushka14 balushkagiftshop balushka13 balushka12We are thrilled to collaborate with Balushka on five exclusive collages in our fine stationery department as well as center pieces, napkin rings and other decorative pieces also available in our gift shop! Wall flowers seen in our collages are ideal for special occasions or for that perfect wall in your home or office, and her jewelry is a truly unique and special addition to your everyday lifestyle.

Here are the five exclusive collages now available at Bering’s!

collage3 collage2 collage3a Collage4 collage5We hope to see you at tomorrow’s Balushka Paper Floral Artist Trunk Show just in time for you to pick a handmade flower for Valentine’s Day!



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The art of entertaining is, and always has been, the host’s prerogative. The host or hostess sets the stage from the invitation being sent and is the artist and creator throughout the event. Often times we have grand and beautifully wonderful ideas of what we would like our child’s party to be like, or our husband’s birthday, or even a cozy tea with friends, but find that there is not enough time with so much going on. While it does seem that the world only continues to spin faster, the need to surround ourselves with friends and family is very important. Do take a few minutes to plan a date for that important milestone, holiday or birthday. You will most likely be glad you did!

mixandmatchtable1*This is and example of a mix-and-match table setting set to ensure you that you do not need to have an entire set of your favorite crystal and china to be an amazing host or hostess! Work with what you have and you will be surprised at what you can create. We simply pulled patterns that compliment one another. Try it at your own home!

settings to mix2 setting to mixAnd while we are on the topic of entertaining, we couldn’t be more excited to kick off the first installment of several posts to come on tangible advice to save and use in your everyday life, especially when it comes to sticking with your vision of friends and family laughing and enjoying themselves at a get together hosted by you, in your own home! This blog series has numerous contributors, which further illustrates the point that surrounding yourself with individuals who build you up and who are there for you is always worthy of a “party” – even if that party is a party of two.

1I4A6388small closeup3*Here is a close-up for you to see the various patterns in our example table. Included above is Royal Crown Derby, Annieglass, Herend and many more beautiful pieces.

For a party of two or an elegant wedding of 200+, we will cover various events and fill you in on details that you might expect upon receiving that particular event invitation or if you are hosting the party yourself! From the attire, place setting, menu and more, let’s get this blog series started!

If you happened to attend our recent At Home: Entertaining with Ease Event at Bering’s on Bissonnet, we thank you for stopping by and hope that you were as inspired by our featured guests as we were and that you left with an added zip of motivation to carry out what you learned in your own home. Our featured guests were definitely the value add and the true call to action to attend the event. However, we were told by some valued customers that Saturdays prove to be difficult to attend our events due to more important family demands. We understand and appreciate the feedback, so are hoping to keep everyone in the loop with this blog series on entertaining with ease!

Our first blog post is the Bridal Luncheon. Please enjoy some information about what you might expect should you decide to host, or are invited to one!

Bridal Luncheon





Sample Menu


Invitation Wording
Bridal Luncheon
Jillian Masterson
Small Blessings Café

A final thanks to the featured guests included below for making this blog series possible. From left to right on the front row: Lady Virginia, Helen Perry, and last but not least, Bering’s Stationery Founder, Ben Whitley!

Featured Guests


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Social Grace with Lady Virginia


Lady Virginia*Lady Virginia

Marketing for Bering’s lends itself to meeting some truly magnificent customers as well as featured guests. However, it is a genuine treat when a valued customer evolves into a featured guest that we are able to get to know even better! While Lady Virginia has been a Bering’s customer for some time now, we are thrilled to have her as a featured guest at this Saturday’s At Home: Entertaining with Ease Event. It will be an event like none we have hosted before, featuring Lady Virginia, Helen Perry and Ben Whitley. All three guests will delight you with advice on entertaining in your own home, while sharing museum style vignettes centered on life’s many events. It will be a come and go event this Saturday at our 3900 Bissonnet location from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.


While all three of our featured guests are full of beautifully terrific words of wisdom, we are especially excited to share a question and answer dialogue we recently had with Lady Virginia, on Social Grace for your life.

Bering’s Interview with Lady Virginia.

Social Grace*From Lady Virginia’s Site

Bering’s: How did you get started with Etiquette?

Lady Virginia: It started quite innocently when, as a child I ran across my grandmother’ 1928 copy of Emily Post’s book, Etiquette, “The Blue Book of Social Usage.” Richard Duffy’s introduction caught my attention. He explained that etiquette is a system of rules of conduct based on self-respect and the respect of others. As I read further, I was inspired by Emily Post’s motivation to write her book. She recognized that the vast number of people moving into the city from the farms, were at a disadvantage because they didn’t know the rules of city society. Her goal was to instruct these new comers in the rules of what she called “GOOD SOCIETY.” Her thorough and detailed explanations, equipped the reader to be part of the community and not outsiders. Before Emily Post’s road map to good manners, etiquette could be used as a barrier or weapon. Instead, she wanted it to be used as a bridge. It’s all about building relationships. She also recognized the importance of using kindness and good judgment. She encouraged people to do the right thing, at the right time and for the right reason. In her concept of etiquette, if using the right fork embarrassed someone, then it would be proper etiquette to use the wrong fork. She felt you have to learn the rules first so that you know when and how to apply them.

trained by Emily Post

Bering’s: Where did the rules come from?

Lady Virginia: For the most part, the rules developed to address some practical need. Though most of the origins are lost in obscurity, many of them can be explained. My mission is to research the origins of the rules in order to demystify them for people today. If you understand the why, they become less arbitrary and threatening.


Bering’s: What examples come to mind?

Lady Virginia: My favorite example is the admonition not to put your elbows on the table. We were all told by our mothers to keep our elbows off the table but she never told us why. To find the reason, we go back to the Middle Ages. The dinning tables that we know today didn’t exist. Instead when it was time to eat; large planks of wood were placed over trestle legs, which resembled sawhorses. These planks were not nailed down because they would be removed after the meal. Thus, if someone leaned on the table they would cause it to flip over. The origin may not apply today but it may still be a good idea not to put elbows on the table while eating. We wash our hands before we eat but we don’t generally wash up as far as our elbows and/or the sleeves of our garments may not be that clean either. So, given our understanding of germs, perhaps it is appropriate not to place our elbows on the table. However, after the meal as we visit over coffee, I think it is forgivable to lean forward with elbows on the table to engage in a conversation.

Bering’s: Are the rules of etiquette universal worldwide?

Lady Virginia: No, there are variations and each culture has its own standards. Often those standards develop when people begin to gather in clusters, communities or cities. After all, if you are living alone, it really doesn’t matter. As civilization develops, behavior becomes more important. Therefore, some of the cultural differences reflect the historical time when those cities developed.

Bering’s: Can you give us an example?

Lady Virginia: In America we place our hands in our lap at the dining table. However, in Europe it is expected that you keep your hands on the table at all times. Why the difference? When dining etiquette was developed in Europe, there was a greater threat that someone would use that knife to stab you rather than cut up the green beans on the plate. Thus, you were expected to have your hands visible at all times. When America was being settled, and the standards were being established, life in the cities was a bit more civilized and hands when not being used to convey food from the plate to the mouth were expected to rest gently in the lap. Also, the image of someone with both hands on the table looked rather like they are trying to guard their food from being taken away from them. This was insulting to the host who took pride in displaying wealth by providing an abundance of food for his guests.

Bering’s: How can people learn good manners?

Lady Virginia: There are many excellent and easy to read books. Classes are available both for personal instruction and for groups. The place to practice the rules is at home. Children are learning eating habits from their day to day experience at home. They will reflect what they see. Sitting down to a meal at a table with plates and flatware on the table will teach children how to act and be polite in public. It only helps to know the rules if you then practice them. I also hope that people will consult my websites for detailed explanations and I invite them to ask etiquette questions.

Bering’s: What will you be showing at the Berings Bissonnet event on January 31st?


Lady Virginia: I have the privilege of being a part of this event with two distinguished and well-known professionals, Helen Perry and Ben Whitley. We will each be hosting vignettes to illustrate various ways to entertain graciously. I will be highlighting a formal cocktail buffet, various dinner settings and a cozy afternoon tea. I’ve been a devoted customer of Bering’s for 35 of their 75 years so it’s a real thrill for me to be participating in their celebration year.


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Love Me if You Dare

We were fortunate to recently visit with the very talented founder of Two Be Wed, Natalie Dawley, and were graciously reminded of a post that she featured us in with the china pattern currently seen in our print ads. Natalie is not only wonderfully thorough with every detail when it comes to planning the most beautiful weddings, she also has an excellent pulse on all things bridal and tabletop – even as it relates to our newly released ad! She pointed out that Mottahedeh’s beautiful Tobacco Leaf pattern was also the pattern of choice in one of her features!

Natalie Dawley

We of course asked her if it would be alright to share her post with our subscribers and hope that you enjoy the over-the-top gorgeous images as much as we do and appreciate the opportunity to repost Two Be Wed’s amazing blog! Thanks, Natalie!!

Aime-Moi Si Vous Osez

StyledShoot154As the French would say, “Love Me if You Dare.” We took a daring risk with a one-of-a-kind Chinoiserie inspired styled shoot full of elegant and luxurious details. A juxtaposition of old and new, eastern and western styles interpreted for the modern bride and wedding. Many local vendors poured their time, love and energy to showcase their talents, earning a feature on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. Photography by Alyse French.

Interior design has always been a huge source of decor inspiration for us in our style and design process. One of our more favorite styles is Chinoiserie – a blend of Eastern and Western stylistic elements featured in many European art in the 17th century. For this particular shoot we explored the Chinoiserie design further to interpret that specific style into a tablescape and wedding environment. The question remained how to take something classic and make it current… we did just that through Asian-inspired textiles and figurines, vintage vessels filled with exotic floral arrangements and a bright, modern color palette with intricate details sprinkled throughout!

graceormond_twobewed   StyledShoot055-552x830 StyledShoot227-830x552 StyledShoot182-552x830 StyledShoot125-830x552  StyledShoot135-552x830 StyledShoot049-552x830 StyledShoot050-830x552 StyledShoot106-552x830 StyledShoot100-552x830 StyledShoot080-552x830  The end result: a perfect representation of bringing an age old artistic tradition into 2014 and giving it new life. See more of this shoot on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style!


As an added token of appreciation for Natalie allowing us to share this post, we are excited to share Two Be Wed’s Acceptable Times to Hire an Event Coordinator List!

twobewed_hireaplannerA special thanks to the following wedding professionals featured in Natalie’s post:

Photography: Alyse French Photography / Event Design & Coordination: Natalie of Two Be Wed / Floral Design: The Moss and Rose / Ceremony Backdrop: The Weekend Type / Cake Topper: The Weekend Type / Cake: Sugary and Chic / Vintage Rentals: Two Be Wed / China and Glassware: *Bering’s Hardware / Macaroons: The Refined Bakery / Hair and Makeup: Sunkissed and Madeup / Dress: Monique Lhullier from Casa De Novia / Bridesmaid: Johanna Johnson from Casa de Novia / Linens: Aztec Events and Tents / Location: Private Club in Houston

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The Best Tips to Clean and Protect Your Marble, Granite and Travertine Surfaces

Written by Jacqueline Tabbah of International Stoneworks, Inc.

marble kitchen 1*Marble Countertop

travertine*Travertine Countertop

It is a new year and there is no better time to learn about the simple and effective ways you can take care of your natural stone countertops, floors, and showers. If you are still thinking about a New Year’s Resolution, make it your 2015 project to create an efficient and safe stone care program for your home.

The best way to clean your Travertine, Marble or Limestone floors:

The best way to clean stone floors is with neutral cleaners. You want to avoid acid-based products. Most natural stones react (etch) when they come in contact with the three A’s: acid, ammonia and alcohol. You can safely and effectively clean all natural stone floors with Lavenet neutral stone cleaner or Lavenet Green.

Lavenet BLVNTGR_300Over time, stone floors may have some light scratches, residues or etch marks. You may need to have a professional company like International Stoneworks, Inc. come and lightly polish or hone the stone floor.

Tips on how to clean and protect Granite, Marble and Limestone kitchen and bathroom countertops:

crystal baby marble*Marble countertop (…Beautiful baby and gorgeous Elizabeth patterned William Yeoward crystal!)

Whether you have marble or granite countertops, we highly recommend cleaning them on a daily or weekly basis and sealing them annually. Again, avoid acid-based products. A great cleaner that is safe to use is Akemi Crystal Clean. It is a ready-to-use cleaner that also removes light calcium deposits. If you want to safely disinfect your countertops, clean with Sani-Tyze.

BCRYCLN_300Sealing your countertops is not too difficult and you can easily do it yourself. Clean the stone first with Akemi Crystal Clean or a solution of Lavenet.

You can seal the stone with impregnating sealer, Seal & Go® S. This product is a penetrating sealer, which will not add any shine or color to the stone surface. This sealer is not a coating. Seal & Go® S can be applied using a trigger sprayer. After 15-20 minutes, wipe off the excess sealer. The sealer will take at least 12 hours to cure. A second application of Seal & Go® S is recommended after the 12 hours.

SG_300How to clean and protect Travertine, Marble and Slate showers:

Since our showers are used daily, it is very important to make sure that your stone shower is cleaned daily or weekly and is sealed annually. We recommend cleaning with Akemi Crystal Clean as often as possible to reduce the buildup of calcium deposits and soap scum.

To help reduce water penetration into the stone, we recommend sealing with impregnator sealer, Seal & Go® S on an annual basis. Sealing helps protect your stone against the constant exposure to water and oil-based products.

stationery balushka*Quartzite countertop (…And Bering’s exclusive Embossed Graphics monogram notepad and Balushka Paper Floral Artistry arrangement!)

All these products are available at Bering’s Hardware Stores. We are giving away a gift basket this month with our best stone cleaners to get you started with your 2015 stone care program!

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Bering’s 75th Anniversary

#berings75th #tbt

Bering’s was founded in 1940, as a lumberyard, by August C. Bering, Jr. Over time, the store evolved beyond lumber to become one of the most unique retail concepts anywhere. In fact, our employees often boast, “If you don’t need it, it’s not here.”

But the Bering family wanted to deliver much more than hardware products; they wanted to provide customers with service so good, it made them feel like part of the family.

Since 1940 much has changed, both in our world and the way we shop. Old-fashion service is hard to come by in our modern world. Stores like ours are becoming a rarity, which is why we want to thank you for your continued loyalty over the past 75 years. Thank you for helping us become Houston’s home and hardware store.

Stay tuned as we celebrate throughout the year…

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Bering’s Bridal Feature in Weddings in Houston!


With the holidays behind us, we continue to feel festive with wedding season rolling out along with the New Year! What better way to join in the excitement of wedding season than to start the New Year off with a bridal blog triple feature?! Thanks to our friends at Weddings in Houston Magazine, who continue to be on the ball with the best-of-the-best when it comes to luxury receptions and bridal opulence. We are thrilled to be featured in their current issue!

As much as we appreciate Weddings in Houston’s generous coverage, we want to first thank our brides and grooms for keeping Bering’s Bridal Registry and Wedding Invitations, in our Bering’s Stationery Department, part of their wedding planning and preparation. It is the ultimate endorsement to be part of newly engaged couple’s wedding registries and we genuinely appreciate being included.

With that said; we are delighted to highlight some of our recent Bering’s Brides and Grooms by sharing some images and registry selections recently featured in Weddings in Houston Magazine! Be prepared to be inspired by the gorgeous images as well as registry, invitations and more!

To begin, we were all blown away by the beautiful images featured of Bering’s Bride and Groom, Katie and Mitchell! The newlyweds were married on March 3, 2014 at Houston’s La Combe d’Or’s and it was absolutely magnificent.


We especially love their registry selection and are sure you will too:

Here are some of our favorites the couple registered for!

Royal Crown Derby’s Golden Aves pattern is timeless and absolutely regal! We have it paired in the picture below with an Arte Italica charger, but it looks wonderful with a number of chargers and/or placemats.

Berings RCD

The couple selected VIETRI’s Bellezza pattern for their casual china setting and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is exquisite!! We especially love the texture of the pattern and fine detail. An added plus is its functionality. Yes, the pieces are machine washable!

vietri belleza

Flipping through the current issue of Weddings in Houston Magazine, you will be equally delighted to see and read about another Bering’s Bride and Groom featured on the glossy pages. A warm congratulations to newlyweds, Barbara and Billy! The couple’s big day was on August 30, 2014 and it was an event to be remembered, held at Houston’s Petroleum Club.


The couple selected their wedding registry items as well as wedding invitations from Bering’s and we love their selections!

As classically elegant as the name and brand Wedgwood implies, their Sterling 5-Piece Place Setting is sure to make guest feel special when dining at events and gatherings for years to come!


A high-five to Barbara and Billy for adding on not one but two YETI Coolers to their wedding registry!! More and more couples are registering for grills and coolers and it makes so much sense to register for more than tabletop and housewares items, by adding grilling and outdoor living and entertaining merchandise too.


Last, but by no means least, we are over the moon excited to share about another Bering’s Bride and Groom, Kelli and A.J. The newlyweds were married on May 17, 2014. The wedding was fit for royalty with beauty surrounding the couple from beginning to end. We love the boxwood lined walls with adorning flowers surrounding the couple as they entered their reception, beautiful!


Their registry is filled with lovely pieces from Anna Weatherley, Juliska, VIETRI, Reed & Barton and more! If you follow our blogs, then you are familiar with our insistence of mixing and matching patterns. Kellie and A.J. mastered this with their selection of Anna Weatherley’s dinner plate paired with Bernardaud’s opulent Eden Turquoise salad plate – both trimmed with gold edging to tie the two together!

Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Dinner Plate*Anna Weatherley dinner plate

eden turquois salad*Bernardaud’s Eden Turquoise salad plate

The couple registered for Juliska’s Berry & Thread pattern for their casual china! It continues to be a registry favorite, with its subtle yet dainty detailing and functionality for casual to formal settings!


To view more of Kelli and A.J.’s registry be sure to click here:

A big thank you to our Bering’s Couples and to Weddings in Houston for the wonderful feature!

Wedding fun,




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A Little Tea Party Inspiration

daisy tea party

*Red dress with white trim and petticoat available at Bering’s: Ooh! La, La! Couture

The Bering’s Stationery Department was recently enlisted to help with a Girl Scout Tea Party for Duchesne’s Kindergarten Daisy Troop! It was beyond sweet with a southern theme, but even sweeter was that it was held in honor of Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low!

Juliette_Gordon_Low*Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low

For the majority of us, a key parenting ingredient to help lay the foundation for our children is manners. The Girl Scout Promise ensures manners are a leading component. It is wonderful knowing these little ladies’ attendance and manners during the event helped them earn a petal (badge)! Daisies must earn their petals to become a Girl Scout and petals can be earned in a number of ways. Petals and/or patches are earned by obtaining educational credits, volunteering and other tasks deemed fitting of the Girl Scout’s Promise of , “Always helping others at all times.”

daisy girl scouts*Cuteness overload.

girls having fun

Girls have to use their manners at a tea party, so troop leader, Mia Bering, was spot on with her troop event! Be prepared for some ooohs and awwws when you scroll down and look at the pictures from the darling tea party!

daisy wreath mia bering

*Such a festive and welcoming wreath!

Now that we’ve reminded you about how wonderful the Girl Scouts are, let’s share in the party pretties prepared by Bering’s Stationer, Elizabeth Miranda! Mia worked closely with Elizabeth to customize some incredible tea party invitations and place cards!

bering's stationery daisy invite*Bering’s Stationery

The criterion for earning a daisy petal was satisfied upon the girls’ introduction to table etiquette. The meeting craft was so cute; the girls made thank you cards for one another! The girls wrote something they liked about the person they sat next to and then they gave it to them. A befitting craft given their badge message – I respect myself and others!

mr. grossman stickers at bering's*Daisies decorated their own thank you card with stickers and colorful paper… Yes, the stickers came from Bering’s too! Who doesn’t love Mrs. Grossman’s stickers??!!

While Elizabeth created the beautiful invitations and place cards, the paper plates and napkins are Caspari, at Bering’s. Caspari paper goods are a party must and are sure to add a little extra detail to your next get together or event!

caspari paper goods

caspari at berings*Stacked tea cups beautifully displayed on Caspari paper goods. The shadowbox is equally fantastic!

We are also loving the favor bag each daisy received. The blue bags with daisies couldn’t be cuter!

gift bags

A fun little tidbit from the party is that while the girls had the option of tea or lemonade, tea was selected and enjoyed by all! (Keep in mind that iced tea was not served!) …Manners and etiquette, friendship and exposure to new options add so much depth and impact making the Girl Scouts such an extraordinary organization!

tea party table daisy tea time*If you are loving the classic white china , then we suggest one of these options: Herend’s Golden EdgeAnna Weatherley, Juliska, Vietri, Bernardaud, and more!

The icing on the cake was so thick that it is hard to decide which party piece we liked the most, but we think that you’ll agree that the vintage framed pictures of each attendee could not be more adorable! While the girls loved the favors, we are guessing their parents were even more excited to have the moment captured so cutely!

frame it Bridget tea Bridget's friend

If you’d like to host a tea party, be sure to visit us for tea, invitations, paper goods and more! However, we must confess that Bering’s cannot take all of the credit! We are big fans of Estelle Joyner, founder of Sweeter than Sweet Tea. Estelle provided the fine china and linens to add to the overall Southern theme, and is the person to call to help you throw an incredible tea party! Great job, Estelle! Here is her email address:

And if you haven’t heard of Sugar & Ice’s fabulously tasty cookies then we hope you will try them! …Did you see the cupcakes??! The cupcakes came from Sweet, located in City Centre. A serious double dose of deliciousness!

While a beautiful tea party shared among friends is always a good thing, we would like to take a minute to share some impressive statistics that everyone can appreciate about the Girl Scouts:

  • 2/3 of all business owners were Girl Scouts
  • 80% of female business owners were Girl Scouts
  • 69% of female senators and 67% of House of Representatives were Girl Scouts
  • Every female astronaut who has flown in space was a Girl Scout


Girl Scouts today leaders tomorrow definitely sums up the organization!

We hope you’ll enjoy a sip or two of tea!

-       Bering’s


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