The Aisles of Our Stationery Department

While we are loyal to many tried & true beautifully classic lines of stationery, we are also always looking for new lines at market. We thought we would share some of our favorite invitations with you from the isles of our stationery department. From Crane & Co., Arzberger, Embossed Graphics, Odd Balls and more – come explore the options!! You might find that you love an invitation so much that you’ll want to plan a party around it. …In case you are wondering, you wouldn’t be the first!

Here are some great options:

linenshower placesetting pink boots ikat sweets floral red housewarm wedding787 flowers wedding fiesta crawfish babygirl babyinvites thankyous pretties housewarming greenstationery nola sportsNow you’ve seen some gorgeous invitations, don’t forget ribbon, wrapping paper, bags, pretty paper and gift tags!

wrapping gifttags ribbon paper bagsIf you still haven’t found what you are looking for, then might we suggest paying us a visit for even more options – or come have a seat and flip through one of our many lines of stationery in these books:


Say it on paper!

- Ben

Ben is a long time Bering’s employee and stationery aficionado.

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Organic Lawn Care

Lawn Tips

Organic gardening has become increasingly popular in recent years as more homeowners discover its many benefits. Organic products are often just as effective as harsher synthesized chemicals, but they are also a much safer, healthier alternative for family, pets, and the environment. Bering’s carries a wide variety of organic lawn care products, and our friendly, knowledgeable salespeople can ease your transition from your current regimen to more sustainable practices.

Bering's Grass Roots

Working with nature instead of against it is an essential part of organic lawn care. The weekly mowing of your lawn to a low height creates an unnatural situation that will surely cause ongoing problems. Closely cropped grass can become thin and patchy, making plenty of room for opportunistic weeds. Short grass does not protect its own stems and roots from intense sunlight, thereby allowing the summer sun to damage them. Furthermore, shorter turf requires less water, and its root system will remain shallow and unable to resist drought. Longer grass, however, will grow thick and strong, crowding out and overshadowing weeds. Long grass also provides shade for stems and roots and encourages extensive root development, which dramatically increases your lawn’s drought tolerance. Set your mowing height to leave grass taller and mow less frequently for a hardier, healthier lawn.

gardenProper watering practices are another important way to encourage strong root growth. A single, long period of high-volume watering promotes superficial root systems, while shorter periods of steady, slow watering encourage deeper, stronger roots. Use soaker hoses to help establish new plantings and set your sprinkler system for frequenter watering and briefer intervals to help roots and conserve water.

organic lawn care 1545815_691782364205915_1553562349_n 1958550_711316298919188_122562716_n

The central difference of organic methods involves the use of traditional naturally-derived fertilizers instead of modern chemically-synthesized ones. Organic fertilizers come from agricultural byproducts and typically contain beneficial microorganisms that improve soil health and prevent fungus. They also have a low salt content, will not burn roots, and do not need to be watered immediately. They can be applied four times a year like their chemical counterparts (early spring, late spring / early summer, late summer / early fall, and late fall), or they can be applied continually throughout the growing season. Bering’s stocks a selection of general purpose organic lawn fertilizers as well as organic sources of iron, nitrogen, and other nutrients to help correct specific conditions and deficiencies.


Although organic gardening techniques can dramatically reduce problems caused by weeds, insects, and diseases, such issues can still occur. Prevention is always best when dealing with lawn problems, and an organic pre-emergent herbicide like corn gluten meal can stop weed seeds from ever germinating while providing valuable nitrogen. Sprays and granules based on pungent essential oils kill and repel chinch bugs and other insects and eliminate and prevent fungus. Molasses and corn meal feed beneficial soil bacteria that keep brown patch and other fungal diseases in check, and Bering’s also sells the helpful microorganisms themselves should you need reinforcements. Viral diseases are difficult to impossible to treat, and the affected grass usually dies. Replant with disease-resistant varieties and consider having your own lawn mower and landscaping tools even if you hire someone to use them. Yard crews often spread fungal spores and viruses, as workers rarely if ever stop to wash their tools after each job. Whichever your troubles, be vigilant and identify problems early when treatments will be most effective. Stick with completely organic products for the best results because synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can kill good bacteria, negating any benefits from other organics.

Most importantly, practice good prevention and quick action so you can get back to enjoying a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Written by Bering’s Lawn & Garden Specialist, Jason.

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Bering’s Baby & Children’s Department Spring Preview, March 28 – 29th!


Event to feature Fish Flops founder and Texas Native, Madison Robinson!

Houston, TX – March 13, 2014 Bering’s Hardware, located at 6102 Westheimer in Houston, TX, announced today that it will host a fun fashionable event featuring looks for both girls and boys for all of their spring and summer must-haves! The two day event begins Friday, March 28th, and will run through March 29th, offering amazing savings of 20% off attendee’s entire baby & children’s department purchase! Headlining the event is Texas native, Madison “Maddie” Robinson, the founder and president of Fish Flops.

Mayoral Clothing

Fish Flop founder, Maddie Robinson, is sure to inspire your little ones to pursue their dreams when they discover she is teenager herself! Customers will enjoy a mix-and-mingle environment with door prizes, sweets and have the opportunity to meet with Maddie while taking in all of the latest clothing trends from infants to preteens! …And don’t forget to the 20% off savings!!

Maddie Robinson Fish Flops

“Our goal with the Spring Preview is to treat our loyal customers with an event that brings parents in with their children for a fun and relaxing time to see the latest in baby and children’s attire,” said Augie Bering V, President of Bering’s Hardware. “We realize our customers have numerous options when it comes to shopping for their children, and continually look for ways to keep the generational pipeline as seamless as possible. There is nothing better than having a customer tell us about how their parents brought them in as a child.”

Attendees will be able to view the latest trends, styles and accessories while enjoying a family-friendly atmosphere and a number of fun activities. Admission is free and families are encouraged to attend. While enjoying the Spring Preview, be sure to sample some delicious treats provided by Michael’s Cookie Jar. The event will take place at our 6102 Westheimer location, March 28 – 29th; however, Maddie Robinson will only be visiting with customers on Saturday, March 29th, from 2 – 4 p.m.


About Bering’s:

The first Bering’s Hardware opened in Houston, Texas in 1940 as a traditional hardware and lumber company. A second location was developed in 1987. Through the years, Bering’s has grown its offerings into 16 separate departments and has been cited in several national articles and books as being one of the best places to shop in America.

Bering’s continues to operate as a family owned, one-of-a-kind store providing an unparalleled shopping experience. Renowned for their bridal and baby registry services, offering an incredible array of upscale gifts including china, crystal, stationery, coffees and teas, quality hardware items for the home, as well as everything for the kitchen and yard.

From Maddie:

“I had the idea to create a brand of flip flops that would combine my love for swimming, fishing, and drawing. I called them FishFlops®. FishFlops® are fun and will put a smile on your face. I hope you wear them, share them, and make a friend smile!” Madison Robinson


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The Bering Family Presents Coffee for Connoisseurs

Bering's Coffee

Every coffee bean at Bering’s is of the highest caliber – From caffeinated and decaffeinated to special blends. We even have some that are certified as organically grown. Locally dry-roasted to perfection, our coffee boasts a level of freshness seldom found. Each day, there are at least four deliciously different coffees brewed for our customers to sample.

Bering's Coffee Club

Bering’s Fresh Facts

We ensure absolute freshness by acquiring only limited quantities of coffee from varied sources around the world.

Maintain that quality by storing all coffee in an airtight container and keeping it in a refrigerator or freezer. For the most exquisite flavor, grind only the amount of coffee you need just prior to brewing. Then enjoy.

Lastly, if you love our coffee then you should join our Coffee Club! Purchase 9 individual LBS of coffee and get your 10th LB FREE! Simply create an account online or sign up when purchasing your coffee at either of our store locations.

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Embossed Graphics Fine Stationery

We feature the high-quality stationery from Embossed Graphics in Chicago.

Embossed GraphicsFor the Crane’s devotee who is looking for a less-expensive, more casual everyday look, Embossed Graphics is the perfect marriage.

Embossed GraphicsEmbossed Graphics offers a wide range of note cards ranging in formats, imprint and colors. The way they keep their high-quality, low-cost product line is by limiting your paper, color choice and formatting on items offered.

Embossed GraphicsAnother important feature that Embossed Graphics offers is their speed of production. They are by far one of the fastest stationery producers in the country. In addition to their fast turn-around, you can further expedite the order with overnight, 2-day and 3-day air for an additional charge.

Embossed Graphics

Embossed Graphics regularly offers special promotions that make their fine product an even greater value.

Say it on paper,


Ben is a long time Bering’s employee and stationery aficionado.


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Bering’s Door Hardware Cheat Sheet

While hardware can range from decorative to purely functional, when it comes to door specific hardware – it is okay to cry uncle! We know it can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a cheat sheet on door specific hardware for you to save and reference, pin or print! We hope it helps! For more information on all things hardware, take a little time and visit either of our Houston locations.

Bering's Door Hardware Cheat Sheet

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This is my Bering’s story, what’s yours?

With so many people moving to Houston it is sometimes easy to forget that not everyone is familiar with Bering’s. If you’ll humor me while I talk in first person about my own experience, it might jog your memory as to how you became a Bering’s customer – or hopefully encourage you to come visit one of our two Houston, TX locations!


Not being from Houston, I was more or less clueless about many wonderful “gems” the city had to offer. I find more and more reasons why I really like living here each and every day, from the museums to the restaurants and more! However, like many others I actually place the highest draw on the people and personalities I’m surrounded with day in and day out. Houston has blown me away by the people that call this town Home.

Berings Westheimer

Bering’s 6102 Westheimer Location

Bering's Hardware

Bering’s was a ‘Do it Yourself’ store before DIY. This is the original 6102 Westheimer store.

With that said, it should be no surprise as to my initial impression of Houston’s original hardware store, Bering’s. Quite honestly, I fell in love with the cool culture. To start with, it was like no other store I’d ever been to. As I walked from department to department I was greeted with a warm hello and a helping hand. (It is a bit of a bummer there isn’t a person that pops out of our website and offers a Bering’s hello or warm smile! Technology!!)


While it took my husband to introduce me to Bering’s, he now jokes about wishing he hadn’t – because it is such a great place to not only work for but to shop (for pretty much any and everything)!!

Like many other engaged couples, we registered and did our wedding stationery with Bering’s. Allow me to be completely honest by the fact I was initially intimidated by the infamous gift shop, and to some extent the luxurious stationery department too! Fine china and serving pieces were so very gorgeous, but they weren’t overly exciting at first. In no time at all I was greeted with a warm hello by a gift shop bridal consultant, as well as a well versed stationer and the rest as they say is “history!”

Berings Bissonett

Bering’s 3900 Bissonnett location

You see, the gift shop and stationery staff is no different from any of the department staff members; they truly share the same end goal – making customers happy! And just like all of the other employees, most all are hired with a subject matter background in the department they work in, to better help customers.

berings bridal consultants

Westheimer Gift Shop Staff!

Bering’s bride equals check! …If you are engaged you’d be remised not to register at Bering’s. From Grills to coolers to tabletop and more, it is THE place for you as well as your guests to find exactly the right gift. Both the bride and groom are sure to find it all, and the parking is never a problem!

Bering's Stationery

As previously mentioned, I was a Bering’s bride and still feel like one! Your registry remains in the system making it easy for your spouse to go in and pick something to purchase for you for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. The pieces my husband and I registered for will certainly be around for many generations to come, as they are classics. They pieces are also fun to share when hosting friends and family.

Bering's Bridal Registry

Juliska’s Berry & Thread pattern is a bridal registry favorite!

Enough about my/our registry, by this point I was a huge fan of the small town feel of the store, that Houstonians grew up with in what just happens to be the now 3rd largest city in the nation! For almost 75 years, generations have shopped with Bering’s. It makes sense that it was only a matter time after moving to Houston that I too would be charmed by the coffee aroma filled, tabletop pizzazz, do-it-yourself hardware wonderland!!

Bering's Hardware

Wait, it gets better… You see I get to work here too!

As luck would have it, my husband was hunting with a mutual friend of my now boss and the need for a little help in the marketing arena came up. Thank goodness my husband mentioned that I might be able to help!! (Thanks, Robert!) Fortunately I was able to successfully help my now boss with a small marketing project and enjoyed every minute.

YETI Coolers Hunting

YETI Coolers in their element. *Not my husband’s hunting vehicle, even though he probably would like for it to be!

Months had passed, but for some reason I was still intrigued by my experience “unofficially” working for Bering’s.  You see, I wasn’t about to charge my husband’s friend, or even friend of a friend, for what took a couple of hours to help out with. Truthfully, it wasn’t like working – it was fun! Being the great company Bering’s is, I was compensated with a gift card but only after I made it clear I didn’t want to be paid because I was happy to help. …Hello!!! The gift card was pretty awesome and was gone in no time! …It is crazy how Bering’s gift cards burn holes in pockets!

The Famous Bering's Gift Card

On a whim, I emailed my now boss my cover letter and resume. I wasn’t sure if they needed my help, or if there was even an in-house marketing position. It never hurts to ask though, so that is exactly what I did. Come to think of it, I didn’t even tell my husband until after I emailed my resume. Like so many other things in life, it just made sense.

I was elated to receive a timely reply with an interview tied to it! Elated, overjoyed, you name it – I was happy! After reeling myself back in, I reminded myself that I hadn’t been hired yet and to calm down. Two or three interviews later, I was a proud Bering’s employee!

Bering's Gourmet

The insanely cool part is that it is one thing to be a Bering’s customer and to enjoy the friendly staff, but it is pretty fantastic working along-side them. There is a real sense of entrepreneurship among the departments, which is fitting given Bering’s roots in the great town of Houston, TX! Each department is given just the right amount of autonomy to really run with their own program, which turns out to be a good thing for you, the customer. Sure each of us Bering’s employees share the same company mission and core values, but we do it with a sparkle knowing how special of a place the family owned business is, always has been, and will continue to be.

This is my Bering’s story, what’s yours?

-          Julie

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Remembering Lord Piers Wedgwood

“Treasured memories are how we view our time hosting Lord Piers Wedgwood. We at Bering’s were honored to host Lord Wedgwood on two different occasions over the past three years. I know I share the same sentiment with the rest of our Bering’s company by adding ‘We have the utmost respect for the amazing life he lead and the legacy he has left behind.’ His genuine demeanor and charitable giving of his time, with our annual Rise School of Houston gala, will not soon be forgotten. He was an inspiration and friend.” – Augie Bering V

Here are some pictures that we are fortunate enough to be able to share from his visits to Bering’s:


Lord Wedgwood and Bering’s President, Augie Bering V, at the Junior League of Houston’s Artful Life presentation by Lord Wedgwood and George Perez
Augie Bering, Bonnie Bering, Lord Wedgwood

Mr. & Mrs. Augie Bering with Lord Wedgwood at the 2012 Rise School Gala


The Junior League of Houston’s Artful Life at Bering’s with Lord Wedgwood

Megan Mills, Ashley Kress, Lord Wedgwood

Rise School of Houston employees, Megan Mills and Ashley Kress with Lord Wedgwood

Paper City's Seth Vaughan and Lord Wedgwood #VPC

Paper City’s Seth Vaughan and Lord Wedgwood


Yes, those are Wedgwood teacups! Lord Wedgwood and George Perez

WWRD's Donna Bryan, Lord Wedgwood and the Rise School's Jan Stailey

WWRD’s Donna Bryan, Lord Wedgwood and the Rise School’s Jan Stailey

Lord Wedgwood,Chris Schmitz & Walt Haralson

Lord Wedgwood,Chris Schmitz & Walt Haralson


Lord Wedgwood even made time to shop for his goddaughter in our baby and kid’s department.


Thanks for the memories.

- Bering’s

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Celebrating Milestones

Life is full of milestones; from your baby cutting their first tooth to your “baby” getting married! The moments that matter should be celebrated! Celebrating life’s many “hoo-raws” is one of our many areas of expertise and an area that we pride ourselves in being able to share with so many of our valued customers. The merry-go-round of events goes round-and-round at varying speeds in our lives. While smart phones are truly remarkable at capturing the moments, help savor them a little longer with some of our many offerings.

Amy and Justin*Pictured above are former Bering’s Bride & Groom, Justin & Amy Keiter!

Here are some of the meaningful milestones that we can help you with!

Marriage – Milestone:

Juliska Berry & Thread

Like it, love it, register for it! We absolutely love working with engaged couples for all of their registry needs – and we do mean all! We have endless grilling and cooler options for him and everything to help make her feel like the hostess she hopes to be in welcoming friends and family to their new home as a couple! Our gift shop is full of exquisite tabletop options, at all price points!

Simply Anna and Annieglass

While it is true that our gift shop is hard to trump, the fun doesn’t stop there! Our houseware department is like no other! Bakeware, serveware, cookbooks, small appliances and so many more options abound. Some couples also register for furniture and decorative pieces in our Bering’s at Home department.

Galatoire's Cookbook

Le Creuset

Still, others (it is mostly a “guy thing”) create milestones on their grills!

Big Green Egg in Action Big Green Egg with NestRegistering might not technically be categorized as a life “milestone” but for some couples it is a little taste of what converging opinions and tastes has in store! Our staff is sure to help with finding options that are suitable for both parties with quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

If we lost you at the registry, then hopefully we can reel you back in with stationery!! Hello, a milestone isn’t a milestone unless you record it, and what better way to record it than on good looking stationery?! Our Bering’s brides (and grooms) are very important to us and we encourage couples to come in and explore their options from the initial save-the-date cards to their marriage book and thank you cards. We can even help with personalized stamps; Styrofoam cups, coasters – and well, you get the point!

Bering's Stationery

First comes love; then comes marriage; then comes the baby in the baby carriage! Traditional, yes, BUT we embrace tradition however you define it.

Expecting Parents – Milestone: It is so fun when a couple that was registered and/or did their wedding stationery with us, returns to register for their baby shower! The irony is for such a huge milestone of having a baby, the tiny little things on the registry help to make the milestone even bigger and more exciting!

Bering's Baby

From Feltman Brothers, to Kissy Kissy, to Florence Eiseman and so many more precious brands you really can’t go wrong with our baby registry. In fact, your friends will have a lot of fun shopping in the department. ..Not to mention the convenient parking and friendly customer service! (…A bit of a shameless plug, but it is a nice touch.)

While registering for your impending arrival is a definite rush of excitement, taking a few more minutes to select a personalized baby book from Simple Elegance will serve as a keepsake to pass down to the next generation. All of the milestones your little one(s) experience can be noted in a very beautiful and special way in one of the adorable Simple Elegance baby books.

Simple Elegance Baby Book

*Pictured above is former Bering’s bride & baby registrant, Sherridan Rowe!

And since you happen to have made it to the stationery department, then you might need to think about re-ordering personalized stationery to thank friends and family for helping to make the ride so special! There are so many notes of gratitude ahead from your baby shower, to post baby meals. Go ahead and make your life a little easier by restocking your stationery ahead of time!! (Personalized stationery orders generally take 2 weeks – give or take.)


Now life’s milestones have gone from one, to two, to three and more – the fun really begins and the merry-go-round spins even faster!

Religious Ceremonies: Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah – Milestone: Our baby and children’s department has the best lines of clothing ranging in sizes from newborn to tweens. You are sure to find a frame-worthy baptismal gown or special dress or outfit for that special religious milestone. Be sure to also take note of heirloom quality silver rattles, cups, and more by lines such as Empire Silver, Herend, Reed & Barton and more!

*We love how one Bering’s customer framed her daughter’s baptism gown!!

Kissy Kissy framed gown

…You guessed what we’ll be talking about next – invitations!! Our esteemed stationers will help you make sure all of your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed in a timely manner that even Emily Post would approve of!! Plus, you’ll definitely want to save the invitations in your little one’s baby book!! Just trust us, it will be fun to look back and reminisce.

oddballs1Birthdays – Milestone: It wasn’t until becoming a mother that I actually considered each and every birthday somewhat of a milestone. Birthdays are sweet and definite milestones!! As previously mentioned, we have your birthday apparel covered! And you already know where to head for party décor and invitations!! Some might even consider their little ones being old enough to write their own thank you cards to be a milestone! …Hmm, things to look forward to!

Bering's Stationery DepartmentBering's Stationery Department

The children’s and stationery department are the obvious ones you probably think of for birthdays, but let’s not forget housewares!! Serve up tasty treats prepared in some really cool baking options from Nordic Ware to the oh-so functional Tervis Tumblers. (No “ring” on the furniture = yes please!) Yes, our houseware department is a sure bet, but let’s not forget to treat guests to lovely china pieces and serveware from our gift shop! For our Bering’s brides, this simply means to view all of life’s milestones as special and more than worthy of using your pretty china to celebrate!

nordic ware*Christmas cards are also a fun way to capture year-over-year family pictures, and more importantly to celebrate the season!

Traditional Picture Card

Graduation – Milestone: For those of us with tiny babies and tots, graduation might seem like light years away; however, it is imminent and a wonderful milestone to look forward to. (Even though it means they are growing up – sigh!)

From backyard parties to formal sit-down dinners, we are here to assist you with all of your celebratory needs. You might even opt to purchase the special grad a piece of White Wing Label luggage!

White Wing LabelIf luggage isn’t what you have in mind, then a Herend figurine or Limoges box is sure to make the grad smile!!

Herend’s cat and dog figurines

As special as milestones are, even life’s biggest milestones are a bit sweeter when you can celebrate it while also saving a little money! Please remember that we offer bridal discounts, all it requires is registering! The same discount applies upon registering for baby. Last but not least, don’t forget your mailer or circulars with your Bering’s coupon(s)!

No matter how big or small life’s milestones might be, we hope to share them with you and your loved ones!

- Bering’s


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What Couples Should Know When Registering for High-End Products & the Trends to Take Note of!

What should we register for? With any wedding registry, we suggest taking your time as a couple and registering for a range of price points that all of your guests will be comfortable with. However, when considering higher price point registry items, we suggest you moving forward with what you like. It is always better to register for what you really like, even if you are worried you won’t receive all of the set. It is far better to register for what you like as a couple and collect the pattern or pieces over the years, than to settle for something.

Here are some trends we are seeing couples register for:

Arte Italica

This elegant place setting by Bernardaud, Arte Italica, Baccarat, and Sferra. The bread as well as the salad plate is by Bernardaud and the pattern is Capucine. The dinner plate is Bernardaud as well, and the pattern is Elysee. The amazingly gorgeous charger is by Arte Italica and the pattern is Vietro Gold, and the wine glasses by Baccarat! The pattern is Arcade. The place-mats are Sferra’s hemstitch.


No other pattern says, “Classic” quite as well as Mottahedeh’s Tobacco Leaf pattern – the teacup and saucer and the salad plate to serve as the focal pieces. The dinner plate is equally as lovely and it is by Mottahedeh as well, the pattern is Golden Solitude. Grounding out the place setting is the opulent Gold Lace service plate, again by Mottahedeh. William Yeoward’s incredible handcrafted Elizabeth wine glasses are another high end registry favorite.

Annie Glass Ruffled Charger

Every pattern Juliska makes flies off our shelves as it is a bridal registry favorite! Juliska’s Country Estate pattern is as cozy as it is appetizingly beautiful!! We love so much about this dishwasher safe pattern. The pattern also lends itself to making lovely décor for hanging the plates on your wall. Annie Glass’ Platinum Ruffle Charger also frames the setting nicely. Juliska’s Isabella Tulip patterned glasses are also a top pick. They are darling and look great for casual or formal settings.

When it comes to china, silver or a crystal pattern, if you are unsure, register for a pattern along with gift cards and take your time deciding.

Come visit us at either Bering’s locations for even more beautiful options!

Wedding fun!



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