The Official Children’s Picture Wardrobe Checklist

Ralph Lauren Clothing at Bering'sThe children are back in school and things are slowly becoming routine again after the Summer Break. While the routine might be falling into place, all of the little extras like knowing what to wear for school and holiday pictures can be stressful! Take a deep breath and a little comfort in knowing we have your wardrobe questions covered for all of your upcoming photo-shoot needs.

Ralph Lauren Girls Clothing at Bering'sWe’ve enlisted the expert advice of our Bering’s Children’s Department store buyer, Martha Hinojosa, to share the 411 on preparing your children for picture day. You might be surprised at some of her tips, and will definitely want to print and or save this blog post for future use. After all, this is The Official Children’s Picture Wardrobe Checklist!

Mim-Pi Girl's Clothing at Bering'sThe Official Children’s Picture Wardrobe Checklist:

1. Decide on a color that looks good on your little one. Finalizing a color scheme early on is even more important when more than one child or a family picture is on the agenda!

Mim-Pi Clothing at Bering's2. While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, generally speaking solids, classic stripes or minimal patterns photo the best. If you are worried a solid color sweater is too drab, then consider adding a little color or fun pattern with an undershirt such as a button down.

Polo Raph Lauren Children's Clothing at Bering's3. For full length shots, a fun way to add color is with tights and or pants. It is a bit unconventional, but can add a little whimsy depending on the age of your children.

Mim-Pi Girls Clothing at Bering's4. Bows and accessories are also nice options for incorporating or bringing out the added color that might be part of their outfit that you want to play up. This is easiest for girls with hair bows!

Malley & Co. at Bering's5. If the outfit calls for layers, then be sure to send your kids to school with the minimum amount of layers to prevent overheating, and see if their teacher can assist (if they are younger) with buttoning a sweater or jacket just before picture time.

Mayoral Clothes at Bering's6. To wrap this list up, comfort reigns when it comes to a genuine smile! As important as the shot might be, children are not going to have a genuine smile if they are uncomfortable! While we can handle less than comfortable clothing and shoes as adults, try to find something you love that will be comfortable for your little one(s). If your children aren’t comfortable you might end up with a shot like this! (Scary cute!)

Mayoral Boys Clothes at Bering's


Say cheese!


Bering’s Baby & Children’s Department Buyer

Featured images: Ralph Lauren, Mayoral, Mim-Pi, Malley & Co.

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Bering’s Bridal Feature: Lauren Byrd & Kyle Bosse


profilesWith so many lovely couples registering at our store, you might think that after a while our bridal registry team could possibly get used to a “drumbeat” of the expected. This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are few things as refreshing and uplifting as a newly engaged couple coming in to look at their registry and stationery options. Lauren Byrd and Kyle Bosse were, and continue to be no exception! They are a genuinely incredible couple and are so pleasant to work with. From our Gift Shop to our Grilling Department, we had a blast assisting Lauren and Kyle find exactly the right items to get them to the start of happily ever after!


Enough about how impressed we are with Lauren and Kyle! We hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the couple and viewing their gorgeous registry as much as we continue working with them.

While Lauren Byrd might have grown up in Houston, her feet are currently planted in Fort Worth with her fiancé, Kyle Bosse. Kyle grew up in Bellville, and the two both ended up in Fort Worth after college. Lauren went to TCU and Kyle went to Texas. Aren’t their baby pictures beyond adorable?!!!

laurenbabypicLauren Byrd kylebabypic littlekylehunting

We are certain Lauren and Kyle were destined to meet; it was only a matter of time! The couple was introduced by their mutual friends as a “possible match.” After joining their friends for a little happy hour, a couple of cocktails turned into a casual but memorable dinner. Lauren added, “It’s a blessing to have friends that know you well enough to help you find your match.” …Cheers to that!


Two years after meeting, Kyle knew he had found forever! According to Lauren, “Kyle nonchalantly told her they had dinner plans in Dallas with his parents who had purchased a night-stay and dinner at a charity auction a few weeks prior.” Lauren added, “I gave no second thought to this and marked my calendar!” That week, Kyle informed her that his parents were no longer able to come in to town, but that they could use the dinner reservation and invite another couple.

The wife of the couple that they “invited” to join them (who was pregnant at the time), just happened to be Kyle’s accomplice – helping to execute his plan! About 30 minutes before dinner, Kyle received a call from her husband stating she was “sick” and that they unfortunately would be unable to join them for dinner. Still not assuming anything was out of the ordinary, Lauren was sorry to hear that they wouldn’t be joining them, but was looking forward to a wonderful dinner at The French Room in the Adolphus Hotel.

Once Lauren and Kyle arrived, the restaurant had a table set for the couple with a card and bottle of wine already waiting on the table. [The bottle of wine called “Rocket Science” would later be used as Kyle’s proposal tactic.] The card read “Mr. Bosse” on the front and was a little confusing to Lauren as she wasn’t sure of its purpose. Kyle opened the card and smiled, but told Lauren that she could read it later.

Lauren still having no idea what was about to happen, joined Kyle in looking through the menu for some appetizers to share. While reviewing the appetizers, Kyle began to describe the history of the restaurant, making sure that she was pleased with everything. Kyle then grabbed her hand and said, “The truth is Tarin (their friend) isn’t sick, I wanted this evening to be perfect…” Kyle got down on one knee and said “I love you Lauren and want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you be my wife?” (…Yes, it is okay to grab a Kleenex about right now!) Lauren said, “It was such a wonderful moment and the most surprised I have ever been.” Kyle then showed her the card which read “So glad you made the right choice, you know it’s not rocket science!” Well done, Mr. Bosse!!

The proposal

Lauren exuberantly volunteered the fact that after saying yes, she immediately began the 21 questions of how Kyle had gotten his master plan to work and how she had ‘NO’ idea!! She then went to the hotel lobby to call her family who already knew the plan and were awaiting her phone call. They told Lauren that they were coming up to Fort Worth the next day to celebrate with the two of them and to enjoy their evening!


After one of the best meals Lauren and Kyle had ever shared, the couple that Kyle had “planned” to eat with them met them in the hotel lobby to take pictures of their unforgettable night. They greeted the newly engaged couple with flowers and champagne to toast their future together. The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating with their family and friends!


It is hard to maintain the excitement of their engagement story, but we will give it our best shot! Lauren and Kyle have set their wedding date for February 28, 2015! The two will be married in Houston, at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, with the reception at River Oaks Country Club to immediately follow. Their pastor in Fort Worth will be the presiding officiate of the wedding ceremony.

The couple has selected blues, greens, corals, white and gold as their wedding colors – all of which sound absolutely gorgeous together!!

If you are familiar with our bridal blog post features, then you know that we are always curious as to why the couple decided to register with us. Lauren said, “I grew up going to Bering’s and there is nothing quite like it! The incredible variety at Bering’s makes it a great place to register because you don’t feel limited to selections in just one kitchen and tableware, but there’s something for every area of your home. For example, Bering’s has a great selection of furniture, home décor and entertaining pieces that I have my eye on!” Lauren, we appreciate your quote and are honored you and Kyle registered with us. Thanks!

Lauren then added, “I really love the inventory of china to everyday cookware and even the larger items like the Big Green Egg. Terry in the Gift Shop was a ‘HUGE’ help assisting me with mixing the different patterns that I loved and truly making the registration process enjoyable and not overwhelming.” …Another thanks, Lauren! …and Terry, kudos on helping!!

As tempting as it is to jump right in and share the beautiful registry items the couple has selected, we know that you’ll be equally delighted to see their stationery selections from our stationery department!

The couple selected a Simple Elegance Wedding Album. Their actual wedding album is still on order, but it is sure to be beautiful!

Don’t you love their classic ecru letter pressed and monogrammed thank you cards?! The couple decided to abide by Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette and have “Lauren and Kyle” on the front of their pre-nuptial thank you cards for joint notes of thanks and Lauren’s initials for her individual notes of gratitude.

L&K_2Bering's Stationery

It is fun to note that Lauren’s initials will not be changing! While she plans on taking Kyle’s last name, she can keep the monogrammed keepsakes she grew up with and hold them as her new married initials too!

To round out their wedding stationery selection, the couple selected monogrammed party napkins!

Okay, we know you’ve been dying to get to the tabletop registry items!!! GET ready to be dazzled! …Lauren grew up with a mother who collected Herend, and so it was only natural for her to be drawn to the hand painted pieces! She did not, however, register for a silver pattern because she is excitedly inheriting her maternal grandmother’s silver! …We love when patterns are passed down. It is so special and extremely meaningful.

Here are some pictures from the couple’s registry experience at Bering’s!

laurenandkyleregisteringDon’t you love their place settings?! Lauren and Kyle will be mixing and matching their Herend and Mottahedeh pieces for their formal place settings. It is just gorgeous!

Mottahedeh, Tobacco Leaf, William YeowardherendtabletoplaurenHere is the couple’s everyday place setting. We love Juliska’s Berry & Thread pattern!


Kyle also made it a point to register for some outdoor essentials! Big Green Egg anyone?!

Big Green Egg at Bering's

As amazing as their wedding is sure to be, their honeymoon is going to be equally incredible! Lauren and Kyle will be honeymooning in Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica. We are sure it will be a blast!

In addition to Lauren’s kind words about our Bridal Consultant, Terry; she also wanted to express her gratitude to Sydney Mafrige, from Keely Thorne Events. Sydney is the couple’s wedding planner and according to Lauren, “She has been an amazing part of the wedding process – especially living out of town!”

To view Lauren and Kyle’s registry, please click on the link below:

From everyone at Bering’s, wedding blessings to a truly spectacular couple!

Wedding fun,




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Guest Blog Post: Party Planning Tips & Recipes from Event Planner, Will S. Matthews

Summer is almost over but there is still time to entertain outdoors for a stylish event. Here are some helpful tips and refreshing drink recipes to have your guests talking long after the party is over.

Party Under the Sun! Turn every outdoor occasion into a stylish event.

Le Cadeaux Basket
Will’s Party Tips:

1.    Outdoor or indoors? Pick the place, and then pick the theme.
2.    Avoid breakage, stock up on Le Cadeaux’s non-breakable melamine plates and drinkware.
3.    Expect extras! Always keep an additional chair, plate, and place setting handy.
4.    Combine outdoor furniture with romantic lighting to create a new room with a view.

Always have a plan for inclement weather conditions! Here are some solutions for weather concerns.

Party Tent

1.    Establish an alternate “rain location” on the invitation to alert guests of a possible change of venue.
2.    Reserve an indoor location as a backup.
3.    Rent or buy a tent so your guests can escape the sun.
4.    Weigh or tie down decorations in case the day turns windy.

Entertain the idea of putting your home bar to use with a low-stress cocktail party!

Juliska Barware

1.    Have plenty of food available – alcohol and empty stomachs don’t mix.
2.    Make one really good non-alcoholic beverage so non-drinking friends aren’t left out.
3.    Make cocktail mixers before the party starts.
4.    Let the flow of the party dictate your actions.

Cocktails and conversations are sure to be a great blend with one of these recipes at your next party.


Summer Rain
Juice of 3 lemons
Juice of 3 limes
½ to ¾ cup sugar
4 cups of ice water

Houston Heat
6 cups of cold water
3 orange tea bags
One 1″ piece fresh ginger, thinly sliced
½ cup sugar
1 lemon
1 lime
Fresh mint

For additional party planning tips, I hope to see you at my Bering’s book signing event Saturday, August 23rd, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., at 3900 Bissonnet.

Book Signing Event with Will S. Matthews

To pre-order your book click here to order one online.

-    Will

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Book Signing with Event Planner, Will S. Matthews

Join us for a very special book signing event with Will S. Matthews, author of Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned From an Event Planner.

Saturday, August 23, 2014, 11 – 1 PM — 3900 Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77005

Book Signing Event with Will S. Matthews

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The Life of a Piece of Bering’s Stationery!

Arzberger at Bering'sFrom time-to-time customers ask, “How do you decide on which invitations to order?” Not only do some of our customers inquire about the ordering process of the pretty paper adorning the aisles of our stationery department, they are also curious about other aspects of ordering from Bering’s Stationery. Customers are also interested in the turn-around time after placing their orders and intrigued with the touch points and immense attention to detail and care that the Bering’s way continually strives to achieve.

It is hard to describe the many benefits of ordering your stationery, invitations, etc. with us because simply listing out the process neglects the intangibles. The customer experience and genuine passion that goes into our customers’ orders can truly only be felt by visiting with one of our talented stationers.


If you are a modern-day person on the go (as most of our customers are) then hang in there, because you might have already checked out, operating on the assumption that this sounds very timely! …Nope, not the case! While scheduling an appointment is always possible, we keep our stationery department staffed so that our stationers are readily available to assist customers, resulting in as quick or long of a visit as our customers deem necessary/have time for.

The behind-the-scenes process of lining the shelves with special invitations and more is a fun one, and one that we think you’ll enjoy reading about in this post.

Bering's StationersWhile we occasionally have local talent visit us to share their beautiful work, in hopes of selling it at our store – the majority of the time Bering’s stationers purchase from market (as seen in the picture above of Bering’s Stationers, Lois and Ben).

We are fans of teamwork and sharing ideas amongst our two Houston based stores – as seen in the image below. This is a follow-up buying meeting where department managers and merchandisers discuss and share their picks from the most recent market. This also enables us to better serve customer needs by being in the loop on emerging trends and requests from each store.


Once current and new lines of stationery orders are ordered and received our merchandisers, Cynthia and Ed, tag the beautiful paper goods and prepare them for customers to purchase! If you can imagine, this is an especially arduous task preparing for the holiday season!!

Now that the pretty paper of all sorts has made its way to our shelves, our customers can shop for whatever occasion they desire! From birth announcements, moving cards, birthdays, weddings and more – the sky is the limit when it comes to reasons to shop in our stationery department! Some of our customers walk the department to get ideas for themes. In other words, party inspiration is assured in our stationery department!! The lynch pin in the process is you!!! Basically, all you need to do is show-up!




partyplates*Paper goods are another reason why you have got to pay us a visit!!

We always suggest that our brides take time to look through our wall of invitation books and take their time doing so. That little nugget of advice is not just one that we save for brides! Should you have a little time, you will love doing the same for all of your paper good needs from Styrofoam cups to jotter cards, thank you cards, and more! In fact, we continue to be dazzled by Crane & Co.’s new book of stationery options.


Here are some images from Crane’s new book of options we offer:

New Crane Stationery

Now you know a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes, we hope you’ll visit us soon. We will leave you with some recent images taken in our stationery department!

stationery berings stationery berings1

As our stationery department founder, and Westheimer stationery manager, Ben Whitley, always says, “Say it on paper!”

-          Bering’s


For in-house custom stationery orders, we generally take three days – that is it!!!



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Why LED?

Growing up our house and automobiles were never short of flashlights! Odds are you have at least two of your own. They also happen to make great gifts for the hard to buy for friend or family member.

From your child’s cartoon character flashlight to the spotlight your husband takes fishing or camping, what difference does it make if they are LED or not (LED – light emitting diode)? Even if you don’t think about flashlights, or understand what the buzz about LED is all about, then we think you’ll find this little blog post about flashlights very informative and helpful!

“Safety first” is a phrase that we are all familiar with, and keeping a well lit area is definitely conducive to ensuring your path is lit. In addition to having accessible light at all times, flashlights can be so helpful for even the smallest of needs – like dropping something small on the ground. If you know where your flashlights are, then kudos to you! After all, flashlights don’t do a lot of good if you don’t have them when you need them.

Maglite Thief

Regardless if you do or you don’t know where your flashlights are, when you need one it is a big disappointment to realize the battery is dead or dying. This reason alone is a key factor as to why you should consider LED. In addition to the longer battery lives LED lights provide, the light source is far brighter and crisper.

Why LED?

We will use a simple keychain LED light as an example of why we are fans:

  1. Most keychain flashlights are powered by a single AAA battery and in high mode produce 138 Lumens. When compared to a classic/traditional incandescent bulb flashlight (that most everyone grew up with), the 3D-Cell battery model only puts out about 76.8 Lumens. Even if you aren’t familiar with “Lumens” you can do the math and see that LED produces about double the light.
  2. Brightness aside, battery life is the kicker! The average LED keychain with a AAA battery will last up to 55 hours, while your average 3D-Cell incandescent bulb flashlight will last about 2 hours.

Now you know about the value LED flashlights provide, be sure to have a flashlight handy!

Here are some of our top LED picks:

NEBO Redline Tactical LED Flashlight

NEBO Redline Tactical LED FlashlightMaglite 2 AA LED Flashlight

Maglite 2 AA Flashlight

Maglite Solitaire Keychain Flashlight

Maglite LED


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Classic Everyday Place Settings that Will Always Be!

Juliska Berry & Thread

*Juliska Landriana

When it comes to registering for fine china as well as everyday china, unless you have a family collection to build on, or a pattern that instantly draws you in, it can be a bit daunting narrowing down your selection to just one! While we admit to loving all things tabletop, this blog entry will be focused on china patterns that are versatile, functional and as always – absolutely beautiful!! For those who have already registered and are not in the market to purchase new fine or casual / everyday china, we think you’ll be interested too. While there are certainly times in our lives that lend themselves to purchasing fine china as well as everyday place settings, we justify the purchase of pretty plates as “essential” to staying alive! …That might be a bit of a stretch, but if you have to have a plate, it might as well be nice to look at.

Spode Delamere Rural*Spode Delamere Rural

Some of our favorite everyday place settings include Gien’s filet taupe, vert and bleu; Spode’s Blue Italian, Woodland, and their new Delamer Rural; Bernardaud’s Louvre, Juliska’s Berry & Thread, Vietri’s Incanto, Wedgwood’s Nantucket Basket, and the list goes on!! Each of these patterns offers an undeniable added element to love – they are all dishwasher safe!! Sometimes the “simple” task of having sit down dinners (even casual ones), meal planning and making your house presentable can result in a bit of a buzz kill. This is why having a beautiful pattern that achieves a pulled together look but without the hand-washing fuss is a good thing!

Vietri Incanto*Vietri Incanto

Juliska Berry & Thread*Juliska Berry & Thread

Additionally, most all of these patterns mix nicely with other patterns. Mixing and matching can work nicely and actually add a personal touch complimenting your style. Regardless of your preference to mix and match or to go with all one pattern, did we mention the endless ways to decorate with plates?! Some of our favorite decorative uses are with bone china. Bone china is essentially white china. You can hang plates on a plate-wrack, or vertically stack them one on top of another on a wall. Both options make beautiful displays! Propping a plate or plates up on plate stands is another easy but classic way of decorating with your favorites.

wedgwood nantucket basket*Wedgwood Nantucket Basket

Bernardau Louvre*Bernardaud Louvre

Gien Bleu*Gien Filet Bleu

Now that we’ve mentioned functional and decorative uses for everyday place settings, it is important to note that special occasions are special with or without fine china. Fine china is truly divine and sets the most gorgeous of tabletops, but you can have just as pretty of a tabletop for your special occasions by changing up your linens and/or adding a pretty floral arrangement to your everyday setting. For example, you might want to add a red placemat to your white / tan or green place setting for Christmas dinners. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Juliska Berry & Thread

When it comes to pretty plates, they are all lovely! Take a look at the options and know that if your lifestyle is more casual, there is definitely a beautiful pattern to fit your needs that is anything but hard to care for.  Remember, classic patterns in everyday place settings can be surprisingly easy to care for, resulting in pieces that will always be.

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Two Brothers, One American Dream & Some Serious Grit

With so many quality and good-looking options in luggage, you know you’ve discovered something special when something stands out and is just as appealing to the touch. Perhaps an even bigger draw can be pulled from knowing something is not only handmade, but made in Eden Prairie, Texas. Quite frankly, the list is too long to list when it comes to reasons why we continue to do so well with the distinguishable line of sophisticatedly rugged luggage. While you can’t help but do a double take when walking through our store (it literally jumps off of the shelf), knowing a little bit about the history of the line will most likely result in you wanting to share the line with friends and family.

White Wing Luggage

From a business stand-point, we always try to support local companies. We were founded in Houston, Texas almost 75 years ago and can appreciate the grit and quality put forth by entrepreneurs in our own backyard. Still, we are also very particular about the lines we sell. Being local is a huge plus, but quality and craftsmanship are equally, if not more, important.

White Wing

Bering’s president and CEO, Augie Bering V, first spotted the line at market and knew he’d found something special. Augie himself is an outdoor enthusiast and was drawn to the rugged masculinity and refined tailoring. While the good looking White Wing Label luggage might have drawn him in, visiting with Blake and Bryce Leggett, the founders of White Wing Label, is what closed the deal and resulted in Bering’s carrying their line.


The brothers shared a little about the line, and made it even more appealing. Here is what you too might find incredible and noteworthy when holding a piece of their luggage. Behind every stitch is a little patriotism, love of family and a desire to make the next better than the last. White Wing Label co-founder, Blake Leggett, joined the Air Force right after high school. He was a helicopter gunman in the 20th Special Operations Squadron serving a tour in Africa when they were sent to Kuwait, not knowing their mission. It turns out it was a mission that we are all familiar with, the Iraqi invasion. Blake served two additional tours in Afghanistan, then came home and entered Texas A&M. His brother, and co-founder, entered Texas Tech. Both brothers graduated to a depressed economy in December of 2009, when jobs were scarce.


Blake said, “What spurred us on was a little bit of anger. We’d done everything right, worked hard, gotten a college degree but there wasn’t a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow like we’d been told.” He added, “If you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. But we both had the tenacity to succeed.” The two quickly came up with a plan and channeled all of their energy into making it a success.

Because Blake had been in the military, he was well aware of the products that were used in the field and what soldiers valued in their daily operational duties. The brothers hired master craftsman, Juan Vasquez, who not only created their initial bulletproof military vests with a slip to hold laptops – but also taught the Leggett brothers the art of sewing. After successfully launching Leggett Tactical Solutions, LLC, designing and producing military equipment for the Department of Defense, Northrup Grumman and Quinetik North America; a year later the duo founded White Wing Label.


Blake traces the line’s credo to a gentleman’s DNA and ties the mission of the company to their products. Their site elaborates on this philosophy with, “A gentleman has a special part of his brain that ignites like brush fire to the sound of a drag spooling off of a fishing reel…a man that knows how to tie a double Windsor, install a carburetor kit on a Tecumseh garden tiller and throw a castnet…” You get the idea. Blake added, “All of this resulting in modern construction with classic appeal. White Wing designs for the American gentleman. It’s built for folks of strong moral fiber who appreciate a hard day’s work.”


Worth mentioning is that one side of Blake’s business card reads, “Ducit Amor Patriae.” The motto of several military squadrons, it translates, “Led by Love of Country.” While their line stays true to their patriot spirit and love of country, the brothers hold their highest priority of family before all else.

White Wing Label Stitching

White Wing Label product designs include range and field bags, shave kits, garment and suit cover bags, many sizes of duffle bags, backpacks, coolers, wine totes, laundry bags, portfolios, laptop sleeves, desk caddies and a variety of other products. Every item can be personalized with a name, initials or company. All materials are made in the USA and include a lifetime guarantee. “When we say Lifetime Guarantee, there is no asterisk, no fine print; it’s just guaranteed for life. Period.” – Blake.

Since family does come first for the brothers, it should be of no surprise that after gifting family with luggage, and it being well-received, the two took their bags to the Dallas Market and the rest is history! “We were tired of getting stuff guys wouldn’t carry, “Bryce said. The usual gift and luggage items were too feminine for their taste.

Knowing the story behind the product makes White Wing Label have a rich depth to the good looking façade; so we want to be sure and elaborate on how their American dream became a reality. The two might have had a defense line of products as a plan, but without financial backing the brothers agreed Blake would go back to Afghanistan as a civilian, contracting with an intelligence company – funding the start-up from afar with Bryce running the business on the home front. Bryce worked hard at home, doing whatever it took to meet their obligations, while for over a year Blake continued to work halfway around the world to provide the capital; when he came home on a leave, he promoted and worked in the shop. “Bryce holds the record for sewing – 36 hours straight,” Blake said, recalling one particular deadline.

The story of the Leggett Brother’s White Wing Label is a wonderful reminder of what the American dream is made of and a good reminder of the intangible materials that come with each and every piece they make. We hope this story of patriotism and love of family helps you and your families wrap up the rest of your Memorial Day on a high note. Fine luggage and handbags are made all over the world, but White Wing Label is as red, white and blue as the founders behind each and every stitch.


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Caring For Your Sterling Silver Flatware

Set your table with sterling flatware. Frequent use actually reduces tarnish and helps to develop a glow called patina, which enhances its beauty. Remember to rotate pieces so the patina develops evenly over your entire flatware collection.

Silverware should be rinsed immediately after use, especially after contact with any acidic or corrosive foods such as salt, mayonnaise or eggs.

Don’t soak silverware in water overnight. Extended immersion can damage the metal.

Always wash flatware pieces separately to avoid bumping and scratching. Wash silverware in hot, sudsy water, then rinse in clear, hot water. Clean crevices with a worn toothbrush or fine natural-bristle brush. To avoid spotting, immediately dry the pieces with a chamois or soft cloth.

Avoid lemon-scented detergents and those that contain chlorides. Both contain acids harmful to silver.

Always wash sterling silver separately from stainless steel.

Polish silverware with a soft, cotton or flannel cloth and a brand name liquid or paste silver polish to remove tarnish. Rub each piece lengthwise; never polish your silverware regularly, expect to polish it just once or twice a year. Dip polishes are not recommended for intricately detailed pieces. Dips can damage an oxidized pattern.

Avoid wrapping silverware away from dampness and direct sunlight. Even a light bulb that shines directly on silverware will accelerate tarnishing. Choose a dark, dry storage place for your flatware.

Exposure to air promotes tarnishing. Store silverware in an airtight silver chest or protective bags made of tarnish-proof cloth. To prevent scratching, do not store silverware in loose drawers. Do not use a drawer that is opened frequently. Avoid storing silverware directly on wood surfaces (especially oak), as wood often contains acids that car mar your flatware’s finish.

Butter Serving Knife

Sugar Spoon


Tablespoon Pierced1Platter or Dressing Spoon1Cold Meat Fork1Gravy Ladle1Soup Ladle1Salad Serving Spoon1Salad Serving Fork1Carving Fork

Carving Knife

Cake or Pie Server1Cake or Bread Knife

Ice Scoop

Cheese Knife

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The Well-Dressed Table

Formal Place Setting at Bering's

A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s the etiquette you must follow when creating a formal table setting. This illustration shows you just where and how to place each piece of flatware, china and crystal on your table.

First select your table linens. Formal tables are often set with linen, cotton, damask or lace cloths, and matching napkins.

Next, center a dinner plate at each place setting and set either a salad plate or soup bowl (depending on course served) upon it. Place the bread and butter plate (with the spreader placed horizontally across it) to the left and slightly above the dinner plate.

Knives, forks and spoons frame the dinner plate. Place them in order of use from the outside in. Napkins should be folded and placed either to the left of the forks or in the center of the dinner plate. Dessert utensils can be placed horizontally above the dinner plate.

Cups, saucers, dessert plates and teaspoons are brought to the table at the completion of the meal.

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